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Top 10 Disadvantages of Social Networking

Top 10 Disadvantages of Social Networking

There is no need to tell you, what social networking is. Every person on this earth is aware of this thing and they are preciously using it. By the way it is the matter of fact that what you think about the social networking website is it good or bad for you? Well, here we are going to show you some facts that will surly show you top 10 disadvantages of social networking and its bad consequences on your life. We are not telling social networking is bad in all ways, but if you will not maintain your addiction for it, then it can create many problems for you.


Socialnetworking1-      Misuse of information

This is considered as the biggest disadvantage of using social networking. I think you have probably listened about the online abuse and it is done by misuse of information. For example, people mentions their private details on the social networking sites and someone access that and then use it against the person. Even social networking also carries adult content, which impacts badly of children’s mind. Many parents are worried about their kids because of social networking. This information will surely force you to think that is it good for you or not?

2-      Bullying

Have you ever tried to bully someone on the social networking? If not, then you should know that bullying is very common on the social networking. People often take your reference and upload something, which you never like to see on your social profile. Apart from this, many people do annoying comments and messages, which are truly irritating that’s why people are now avoiding social networking. Sometimes this bullying becomes so annoying and many people have faced so much embarrassment only because of this.

3-      Security

Whenever you try to create id on any social networking site, first you have to fill whole necessary details in it. Social networking sites ask such stuff to ensure that you are a legal person or not. Hackers work day and night to hack your private details. They are truly very curious to know your personal things that are why they attack on your private details. Some people hack passwords and upload abusing content on your behalf. It spoils your image in front of your friends and creates huge problems for you. That’s why you should think twice before joining any social networking site.

4-      Encroachment in personal space

This point is among all those issues for which now many people are trying to stop using social networking. For sure you have freedom to talk about national and international things, but you have no right to ask things about someone’s personal life. That’s what people are doing in social networking nowadays. This thing is called encroachment in social way. This is also a big problem in social networking and because of this many people are deleting their social Id. There are plenty of examples of encroachment and many big celebs have been targeted in such act.

5-      Road to crime

Since the social networking platforms have been introduced, these have got above million users. Off-course it is the best way of communication, but similarly it is an open space to commit crime. There are few countries of the world, where internet is quite new and people are not fully aware about the cyber laws. They upload abusive pictures and create illegal content that becomes problematic for many people. It causes jail to many people and many unaware people have fallen in big depth of crime. It is also considered as a very big disadvantage of using social networking site.

6-      Threat to moral values

There are many individuals of young generation are using social networking. Many of them are using some things, which they should avoid. For example, social networking site is open for everyone. Adult guys and girls create posts of unethical images and stuff, it impacts on the minds of young people and they try to do same. It simply kills the morals of humanity and directs innocent people to go toward bad things. To avoid such things, parents should keep sharp eyes on their kid’s social profile.

7-      Early exposure

Childhood is considered as the age of learning good things and useful things about our world, but social networking has changed this thinking. Because there is no restriction for any person to use social networking that’s why not only under 18 young guys, but innocent kids are also using social networking. They are getting in touch with some very uncommon topics, which is sacking their innocent behavior and forcing them to do unethical acts.

8-      You becomes unsocial

Off-course this can be considered as one of the biggest disadvantage of using social networking site. It creates addiction and people don’t think to do something else. Here they find their new friends and they get addicted in talking with them. It pushes you far from the social world; you avoid visiting at your relative’s home and even out of your house. If you don’t want to fall in such things, then just check the updates and your social ID and then log out of it.

9-      Causes health issues

If a person is regularly wasting his time in social networking without doing any exercise, without taking meal at time, then he or she may face serious health problems. You don’t think it is a big problem because of social networking. People become lazy and they avoid to do work, college work and other things. This is a serious issue caused by social networking sites, and you should be aware of it for your good health.

10-  Excellent source of killing time

This is true and many people, who are addicted of social networking are facing problem because of it. Social networking takes your almost time, because of which you face problem in your work, and job. It has seen that many people, who do job, go online and do chat with friends instead of doing work. It becomes really harmful for their regular work and also for their job.

There are also some other disadvantages and problems, which can simply spoil your life and you may face many problems because of it.


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