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Top 10 Different Types of Twins

Top 10 Different Types of Twins

In this world, many prodigy images are around us. Divergent types of baby born in the same time. Sometimes doctors are also surprised by the divergent Types of Twins. There are many types of baby born like: Twins, triplets, quadruplets, conjoined, parasitic, semi-identical, etc. Twins word represents the two babies who are produced in the same pregnancy. This is sometimes genetic, and sometimes this is an atypical case for a mother. This is possible in rare cases of pregnancy. Birth rate of the twins and triplets is about 3/1000 approximately.

Here some divergent cases and divergent Types of Twins list. This is one kind of supernatural thing of human and science. In this world, multiple births are rare but this identical twinning is not impossible. This is very casual thing now, and that is an amazing feeling for whom mom who has twins. In this case a woman wants some special treatment. This time they need special care. Some time these twins case going on in a critical situation. The ratio is very high for the critical situation because that time baby and mom both are fighting with death.

There are many cases that show the divergent situations of twins and here some vital information about Types of Twins.

  1. Conjoined Twins                         
    Types of Twins
    Conjoined Twins

This Types of Twins are very identical because do not able to disparate with each other. They are joined with each other partial but vital part of the body is joined. They are very abnormal because they are not fully devisable and not fully joined. That condition is mostly founded in females. Conjoined twins condition is very rare that occurs 1 in 50,000. This is very painful condition for the twins who suffering from this problem. Because they are not able doing any work disparately. This is very rare Types of Twins.

  1. Half Identical Twins          
    Types of Twins
    Half Identical Twins

This kind of twins is inherent with same genes from the mother but divergent from the father. This is also called semi-identical twins, and that have a two types like Monozygotic and Dizygotic. This case is very rare, but this is also the Types of Twins. In this case a single fetus called by the name as singleton and other that is of multiple births is known as multiple.

  1. Monozygotic Twins             
    Types of Twins
    onozygotic Twins

Mono explains the meaning of single and zygote explain fertilized egg. That is the medical term. Its name shows its formation because in this case twins formed with one egg. Twins are siblings who are born by single pregnancy. This is the special case of twin’s formation, and this is special Types of Twins.

  1. Dizygotic Twins               
    Types of Twins
    Dizygotic Twins

Here Di represents, two and Zygote represents the fertilized egg. This is also called by the name of non-identical twins and fraternal twins. In this case two babies or siblings came from disparate ova and released in a one cycle. These Types of Twins are very rare in the whole world. Another factor of Dizygotic twins is like genetic, maternal age, and weight that all can also lead to Dizygotic twinning.

  1. Mirror Image Twins                       
    Types of Twins
    Mirror Image Twins

This kind of twins is genetically divergent, but that have followed the small mirror image concept. These twins look like the same by face because the DNA is same in that case, but body parts of the twins are mirrored. These twins reflected with each other because they are just like them mirror of each other. Reflection occurs in the left or right-hand site and on the opposite side of the body from each other. This may the conjoined Types of Twins.

  1. Parasitic Twins                       
    Types of Twins
    Parasitic Twins

This is also known by the name of asymmetrical or unequal conjoined twins. This is the defected twins, and they are not living more. Detection depends on its cardiovascular system of the other twin. In these twins, embryo start is developing but its pair not able to disparate properly. This is very critical case in the medical history, and this is the asymmetric conjoined identical Types of Twins.

  1. Superfetation Twins                  
    Types of Twins
    Superfetation Twins

In this case multiple ova are released in one cycle. This type generally occurs in animals because they can deliver multiple children in the same cycle and same time but sometimes this occurs in the humans but very rarely. In this case some physical problem will be occurring like lung’s failure and in this situation having a risk. In this case second baby said to be premature because of multiple ova developed in the same time. This is the rare Types of Twins condition.

  1. Heteropaternal Superfecundation twins          
    Types of Twins
    Heteropaternal Superfecundation twins

In this case multiple eggs are released eggs in the same cycle. This is a situation where eggs are fertilized by sperms of divergent male partners. This is the common case of two animals’ dog and cat but sometimes this occurs in the human being also but this is rare. This is the rare Types of Twins that rarely occurs in humans.

  1. Twins with Divergent Birthday               
    Types of Twins
    Twins with different Birthday

Some cases one child delivered prematurely and for the second child’s case doctors keep the reading time for growing it’s naturally. So in this case twin’s babies are also celebrated divergent birthday. In this case, baby may come after a few times as may take a time for a day, a week as well as a month also. This is also rare, but that condition can easily solvable. Doctors are aware from these types of twin’s pregnancy. This is also the divergent Types of Twins situation.

        10. Twins of Divergent Race                         

Types of Twins
Twins of Divergent Race


If the parents are in divergent-divergent races so that race divergent can occurs in the twins also. But this is also an atypical case. In this case both Childs are divergent with each other they are divergent by color by skin quality and divergent hair quality also. That mixture is genetic, and the twin’s siblings are divergent with each other in this case. This is also the rare but amazing Types of Twins. Twins not mean the same always some time twins can divergent our self automatically like this case.



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