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Top 10 Cool Facts about India

Top 10 Cool Facts about India

Most popular word for India which always speaks up for India’s respects “JAI HIND”. India is an incredible country and prepossessing also. This is the one of very popular country from ancient time and history is also very amazing. There are many temples, Rivers, Religions present. India is the one of the country where many caste peoples are residing. India has grown now in the market of it sector, Textile sector, etc. There are a lot of things that is very Cool Facts about India.

Now India is an independent country and India got independence in 15th august 1947. Before 1947 India suffering from many crucial condition and fight with many problematic but Indians didn’t give up that time. So that because India now the free and very popular country in the world. This is not the cool fact but not forgettable fact for Indians. That time India was called by the name of Golden Sparrow. India is very rich country from ancient to till now. There is lots of Cool Facts about India that we will discuss here. Now a day India is prominent for its culture and languages.

Here Cool Facts about India which make India Unforgettable:

  1. Population                                                                          
    Cool Facts about India

This is second largest country by population after China. The population of India is around 1.2 Billion People. This is a very funny and also Cool Fact about India. Indian Government was now trying to control that situation, but they take time for doing this. Indians also aware by this situation of India and they are trying controlling that term personally. India is the largest country in this world and growing one country of the world.

  1. Language                                                                        
    Cool Facts about India

India is the one and only country where official 122 languages and other 780 languages are speaking. Hindi is the one of common national language in India, and all of the peoples follow this language. This is also the one of Cool Facts about India. Hindi is the one of popular regional language of India, and every India is well aware by this language.

  1. University                                                                 
    Cool Facts about India

A most prominent university of India is Takshila that was started in 700 B.C. There are many subjects for study, and many people’s are staying here. This is the one of very old and the popular University of India, and this is the one of Cool Facts about India. That is prominent by ancient time. There are many universities but this is old one university in India.

  1. Land size                                                                   
    Cool Facts about India
    land size

This is a very well known fact about India like population. That does have 17th largest land area in the world. This is a very common but Cool Facts about India. Land size is very large that’s because huge peoples can reside here. There are many industries and situated a large land area; many space centers also hire some area officially. India is the largest country in the world and day to day they are growing in the better manner.

  1. Wonder                                                                 
    Cool Facts about India

Everyone knows about the seven wonder of the world, and one of the wonders is present in India. The name of this prominent wonder is Taj Mahel. Taj Mahel is situated in Agra in Uttar Pradesh. This is really very-very prepossessing building. This is the best Cool Facts about India. This palace is get made by Mugal Samrat shah Jahan for his 3rd wife Mumtaj. India is the one of very lucky country because of this Palace. That was build by the white marvel and also very speechless creation.

  1. Chess                                                                    
    Cool Facts about India

Chess is the international game of the world, and that was invented in India. That is also called by the name of Chaturanga in Sanskrit, meaning “four members of the army”. This is founded by the time of Mugal emperor and this is very amazing and mind game. This is very interesting game for the everyone and that increase the level of thinking of mind. This is the one of Cool Facts about India. This was very prominent game from Mugal Era.

  1. Government                                                       
    Cool Facts about India

This is also called by the name of uni9non government and also the name is a central government. Indian government was established by the Constitution of India, and that have governing authority of the union of 29 states as well as seven union territories. That is collectively called the Republic of India. This is very reputed government of all over the world. This is the one of very Cool Facts about India.

  1. Diamonds                                                              
    Cool Facts about India

This is the place where diamond officially found. India is a very popular country where diamond was found and till now there are a large market of diamond is available. This is the one of very Cool Facts about India and diamond was the pride of Kings in India in ancient time. There was a lot of gold and silver also presented and that because India was the rich country of the world. Till now India is also the rich one.

  1. Mosques                                                                           
    Cool Facts about India

India has many Mosques are available, and that was very popular because in India a high population of the Muslims. There is some name of prominent Mosques is Moti Mosques, Malik Dinar Mosques, Babri Mosques and so on. These all are very prominent from the time of Mugal Emperor. This is also the Cool Facts about India and that all Mosques are present India’s ancient time. This is also the one of very interested fact about India Mugal Era. That time India is very richest one country.


Cool Facts about India
indian culture


Everyone was interested in following Indian Culture. Indian culture is always like a pride of joy that illuminate India in front of the world. Indian culture was always growing India in national and international level. There are a lot of culture dances also available which always holding on the different stages. The clothing culture is also amazing, and India is always popular for the get respect for women. This is the one of Cool Facts about India and that always we set on this position in future.


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