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christian sacred sites
christian sacred sites

Top 10 Christian Sacred Sites

Top 10 Christian Sacred Sites

Every religion has some sacred sites and some holy places and that all are very important for its particular religion. There we discussing the Christian Sacred Sites which is very famous in the whole world and that are very beautiful and peaceful also. That has some history which is very interesting and which show the vital point about the Christian religion. Those places are very amazing, and there you feel something special and there you feel like an amazing power is around you, and that can only feel by you but not seeing. In every holy place, you can feel this kind of unnatural power and feeling strong there.

The Christian Sacred Sites are also the same as others, and there are also a God, who is the parents of them child. There we were discussing specially the Christian holy places, and that’s specialty. These are also the home of god, and everyone can enter this home there are no limitation and dividing rule like only Christian can go with them. Anyone can follow the Christian’s rule and follow them religious. There we were discussing more about that.

There are some vital Christian Sacred Sites:

  1. Golgotha

This is the one of the best and most popular Christian Sacred Sites, and this is an amazing place and best holy place of the Christian. This is sometimes called by the name of Calvary and this hill outside of ancient Jerusalem’s early 1st century walls that contain the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the Church of All Nations. This is a very vital holy place, and every year many of the Christian are coming here for visiting this place.

  1. Bethlehem

This is also listed in the list of a Christian Sacred Sites and this is the best place for a visit and also this one is the holy place. This is the city of Bethlehem with the Church of the Nativity is believed to mark the birthplace of Jesus, and also the Shepherd’s Fields in the neighboring village of Beit Sahour. This I a popular one and you can also go this side for visiting this holy place. This is a Palestinian city located in the central West Bank, about 10 kilometers south of Jerusalem.

  1. Church of the Annunciation in Basilica

This and Mary’s Well in Nazareth that is believed to be Jesus’s hometown and the site of other holy places and this is a very popular and listed under a Christian Sacred Sites. This is very pure holy place and this is the popular one, and many people are coming here for visiting this side. This is one of the soulful places of the god and very interesting place, and that have amazing history which you have to get during your visit.

  1. Sephoria

This is also a popular one and most visiting holy place and situated in the list of Christian Sacred Sites, and this is a very amazing and peaceful place of the world. About that person says like there Virgin Mary was said to have spent her childhood and there people feel amazing a power and positive energy and like to visit that place. This is the best side where people feel amazing and feeling different and happy.

  1. Qasr el Yahud

This is Nearby Jericho, the site called “Qasr el Yahud” on the western bank of the River Jordan, is the site of the Baptism of Jesus. This is a very famous place and best side from the Christian Sacred Sites and there many years on crimes people are coming and celebrating that day and this is a popular one place where god are live. This place is very good, and people very enjoy here with god and get an amazing experience.

  1. Cave dwelling of John the Baptist

This is also a one of the holy place and situated in the list of Christian Sacred Sites and people are coming here on 25th December in every year because that day is very vital for them. This is a specific place for the Christian religion, and that is the very popular holy place and that have many amazing points which you can visit via your trip.

  1. Damascus

This is also listed in the list of Christian Sacred Sites, and this is very allure side and interesting. This is also a place of god where god is live, and peoples sometimes feel like god is around them. This is the capital and the second largest city of Syria after Aleppo and this is commonly known in Syria as ash-Sham.  This is very famous holy side and people are allure here and visiting that place.

  1. Qana

This is also spelled Cana is a village in southern Lebanon located 10 kilometers southeast of the city of Tire and 12 kilometers  north of the border with Israel. This is also stated in the list of the Christian Sacred Sites, and this is very beautiful place of the world and this is very famous because there is Muslim community also.

  1. Upper/Lower Galilee

This is also one of the famous and popular Christian Sacred Sites and there people are arriving every year. This is also the further same because this is also the home of god so no difference then other. This is a popular one because this is very amazing and in the festival time that will get the most beautiful look which allure the people in that side. This is amazing place of the world and also the great place of the world. This is a region in northern Israel that overlaps with much of the administrative Northern District and Haifa District of the country.

  1. Sea of Galilee

This is also known by the name of Kinneret, Lake of Gennesaret or Lake Tiberias. This is the lowest freshwater lake on Earth and the second-lowest lake overall, and this is the one of the best holy place from the Christian Sacred Sites. This lake is fed partly by subversive springs although its main source is the Jordan River, which flows through it from north to south.

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