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Calcium Rich Foods List
Calcium Rich Foods List

Top 10 Calcium Rich Foods List

Top 10 Calcium Rich Foods List

For healthy bones vitamin D is very essential and Calcium supplements also requires for bones. Here this all information is about calcium and provide the information about Calcium Rich Food List that will give you the better way to choose a right food for calcium and supplement of calcium. Here need to know about the calcium, why calcium required and how we take it regularly? So Calcium: this is the chemical element and symbol of this is Ca and the atomic number of this is 20. This is very requiring for living organism. Calcium with phosphate is making hydroxyl apatite, this is the mineral portion of human and animal bones and teeth. One of the common compounds of the calcium is calcium carbonate. Actually calcium is very essential for the living things. Everyone needs to get the calcium for strong bones and teeth. Vitamin D is present in calcium’s food. Now calcium pills are also available in market and this is the supplementary thing of increasing calcium in body. Calcium is the one kind of mineral that is essential for human being. Calcium helps you for strong bones and strong teeth as well as that will solve the problem of blood clot too. The top 10 Calcium Rich Foods List:

  1. Milk
  2. Cheese
  3. Soybeans
  4. Egg
  5. Green vegetables
  6. Orange
  7. Yogurt
  8. Butter Milk
  9. Banana
  10. Pistachio Nut

Nature of Milk:                                    

Calcium Rich Foods List


Milk is white color’s fluid which is the supplement of vitamin D and calcium. Milk has the high calcium quality and this is the most essential calcium supplement in Top Calcium Rich Food List. In the milk many nutrients are present. This is the very good supplement of calcium and this is very essential for humans and animals bones. This is Relevant for the peoples of all ages and all stages of life. Chemically milk is a complex fluid and in this more than 90 separate chemicals compound. This is 1st food in our Calcium Rich Foods List.


Calcium Rich Foods List


This food product made by milk and this has very much calcium quality. Many flavors, textures are available in the market of this. This food is also including in Calcium Rich Food List because of its nature. In different- different countries wide range are present of cheese. Cheese mostly made by the milk of cow and other mammals like sheep, goat, buffalo etc. Now a day’s many cheese products are there like cheese cake, pizza, burger etc. and now in many countries Black cheese is also available. You have to include cheese in daily breakfast for getting a high calcium protein. This is 2nd food in our Calcium Rich Foods List.


Calcium Rich Foods List


Soybeans, this is high rich grain food and native place of this legume is East Asia. Soybeans firstly domesticated by Chinese farmer in 1100 BC. This soya seed are high calcium food and its soymilk is also good for bones and teeth. That can be use regularly in many ways like a grain, in sprouts, in milk and so on. It has gets top rank in calcium rich food list because many countries cultivate this beans and the first position is US. This is 3rd food in our Calcium Rich Foods List.


Calcium Rich Foods List

Egg it is very good for calcium and that have high calcium protein and this is very rich food for bones. That is able to reduce the problem of weak bones. If you get one egg daily then you get boost your energy. Actually egg contains many vitamins like Vitamin B2, Vitamin B12, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin D. This also able to loss the weight and this is very high Vitamin quality that’s because this is including in the top Calcium Rich Food List. This is 4th food in our Calcium Rich Foods List.

Green Vegetables:                              

Calcium Rich Foods List
Green vegetables


This is very popular supplement of the Vitamin D and calcium and that can easily buy from anywhere and anytime. Especially in leafy green vegetables are good food component of Calcium like: Kale, Cabbage, Broccoli etc. In your daily lunch and dinner you should include Green Vegetables in Calcium Rich Food List then gets the result very fast. This is 5th food in our Calcium Rich Foods List.


Calcium Rich Foods List


Orange having its own quality for makes the bones strong and this is the famous supplement of calcium that’s because this is including in Calcium Rich Food List. Orange id very good for health that has many qualities and this is good for your skin, hair, sugar etc. This is 6th food in our Calcium Rich Foods List.


Calcium Rich Foods List


This is also the product which is made by milk and this is also essential for human and this will gives the protein which is very good for health. Include this in your Calcium Rich Food List and see the magic. Actually this is bacterial fermentation of milk. This is good for children and that have many quality that can eat with your food.

Butter Milk:                                                   

Calcium Rich Foods List


Butter milk is product of milk and this is good for health because that is the best food for any kind of abdomen problem. You should take it in after your dinner and lunch and you should include this in your Calcium Rich Food List schedule. This is 8th food in our Calcium Rich Foods List.


Calcium Rich Foods List


By eat one banana get the Calcium Rich Food List for your healthy family. Banana is a great fruit that will give you sufficient calcium. In daily routine anyone need to eat one banana regular because this have been high calcium and vitamin D. That is able to fight with many of the problem which is related to you abdomen and your health.

Pistachio Nut:                                               

Calcium Rich Foods List
pistachio nuts


This is including in dry fruits and this is very high potential to flow the calcium in your body. Use this Pistachio Nut Daily in morning. This is also including in Calcium Rich Food List because of its nature.

These all are the better and best supplements of calcium as well as Vitamin D. All are able to make this all calcium rich food list for your healthy family and strong family and remove the stress and low immunity from body. This is the high quality Calcium Rich Food List because this is easily available in market and that will easy to take. This Calcium Rich Food List have the quality to overcome many physical problems of your body like sugar, depression etc.

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