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Top 10 best selling cigarette brands in the world

Today everyone knows what a cigarette is and why it is used. You may be amazed by knowing that every year cigarette industries are making profit above $35 billion and this record in unveiled from whole world’s cigarette consumption. By the way people from all over the world are using cigarette and they are providing huge profit to cigarette making companies. Now the question comes up that which is the top 10 best selling cigarette brands in the world? If you don’t know, here I will help you in knowing the names of best selling cigarette brands of the world. Here are those companies:


1-      Marlboro:

This cigarette is available in almost countries of the world. By the way many people do not know that Marlboro was very first introduced for women during 1924 by Philip Morris Company. After that this cigarette brand has started running faster during 1950 and many people were choosing it for their cigarette use. After few decades this cigarette has become worldwide popular and today it is a worldwide selling brand. This brand has gained huge popularity because it was often attached to formula 1 racing with many famous car brands. Marlboro is now on the top in all best selling cigarette brands.

2-      DAVIDOFF:

People love this cigarette for its sole flavor and different style. This cigarette is quite famous among western countries and it is because of its unique style. This has become the first choice of people, who love to live luxury lifestyle. In present age this cigarette brand is owned by Imperial Tobacco. This tobacco brand is famous for making costly cigars, and pipe tobacco. When you will go to purchase this cigarette brands, you will get it in many different flavors. It comes in magnum, magnum light and ultra light. These are most famous types of Davidoff cigarette.


Have you ever thought that which was the first cigarette, which introduced the paper filter? If no, then let me tell you that Parliament was the first cigarette, which has come with paper filter. The purpose was to allow people some unique taste of cigarette without any problem. The paper filter was able to supply only smoke till user’s mouth not raw tobacco. Just because of this reason Parliament has become so famous in all over the world. In addition Parliament cigarette has come in plenty of different flavors and types. Today also this cigarette is so much famous and among top 10 best selling cigarette brands in the world.

4-      Dunhill:

If you are a cigarette smoker and love to try famous brands of the world, then probably you would have listen or tried Dunhill. This is a worldwide famous cigarette. People, who love to enjoy the real quality of cigarette, they only prefer Dunhill. This is manufactured by a British America Tobacco industry. This cigarette comes under the most expansive and luxurious cigarette brands of the world. People, who try to show their luxury life style, they only choose Dunhill for their smoking and that’s why it is among the best selling cigarette brands.

5-      Lucky Strike:

This cigarette brand is not a new brand. I am just telling it because many people do not know that Lucky Strike has always registered its place among the top selling cigarette brands of the world. This is an American cigarette and it is used throughout the world. This cigarette offers you roasted tobacco and they do not choose the dried tobacco, like other companies do. The roasted tobacco in Lucky Strike improves its flavor and provides you the best taste in your smoking.

6-      Camel:

This is another American cigarette brand, which was introduced as pre-rolled tobacco for the smoking lovers. For sure you may know that Came have been famous for introducing their own unique flavor of tobacco. The manufacturing company has introduced Virginia tobacco with Turkish tobacco, which has farmed a unique flavor. People have liked it so much and today it is among the best selling cigarette brands of the world.

7-      Pall Mall:

What to say about this cigarette brand, whole world knows that Pall Mall has always been among the best cigarette selling brands of the world. This cigarette was manufactured by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco agency. With the introduction of this cigarette, the era of premium cigarettes were started. This brand has introduced both short lengths and long length’s cigarettes. This manufacturing company has introduced this cigarette with their sole tobacco stuffing technique. Even Pall Mall has also introduced a verity of different brands in cigarette, which are available now to purchase.

8-      Benson and Hedges:

Would you like to enjoy the real taste of Virginia Tobacco, just prefer this cigarette? This cigarette was introduced by an English company. It offers you a safe way of smoking and the smoke is not too unhealthy for throat. For sure you will like it, when you get the smooth taste of tobacco in this cigarette. This offers a gentle taste of cigarette. If you are worried about the hard taste of this cigarette, then please don’t be worry because it offers you unique taste with safety of your throat.

9-      Insignia

If you want to taste another luxury cigarette, then try Insignia. This is made by ITC limited and it is known as the most costly cigarette in India. All things about this cigarette make it unique and first choice of luxury cigarette smackers. It comes in matt black rapping, which is offered by only this cigarette brand. Additionally this cigarette is famous for smooth run of smoke in the body of user and many people enjoy it, while they are smoking it.

10-  GoldFlake:

This is another cigarette brand introduced by ITC limited company. This cigarette is so much popular in India and almost Indian smokers use this cigarette. This cigarette comes in charming golden packing, which has become symbol of this cigarette. Many other cigarette companies have tried to copy this unique style of this cigarette for improve their selling, but they didn’t stand in front of GoldFlake’s market.

So these are the top 10 best selling cigarette brands in the world. If you love to do smoke, choose one of them to enjoy the real taste of cigarette.

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