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Top 10 Best Famous Magicians in the World

Top 10 Best Famous Magicians in the World

Magic is the one kind of hypnotize. Magicians are the person who can create the hypnotize atmosphere surrounding all audience. This is just the trick where peoples have to get flabbergast and think is this really possible. This is the wondered thing for the child because they are not aware by the originality they only see the staging. This is also a thing for amusement. Magic is an bewildering world for the kids, and they want to become a magician when they saw magic. This all word had many naturals power that’s because we all believe on god.

Sometimes peoples are very much getting attracts the side of magic but they don’t know the right tricks about this. This is nothing but that is the one kind of formation. Magician is not a god or they don’t have a super natural power like shaman but they are the normal peoples. But they have a different idea of showing them the quality in front of the world. In the world many of the Famous Magicians and they are really doing the unbelievable magic. Some Famous Magicians name is Cyril Takayama, Jeff McBride, Harry Anderson, etc. They are the most Famous Magicians an there are some more magicians list.

Here is top 10 Some Famous Magicians:

  1. Jonathan & Charlotte Pendragon Magicians     
    Famous Magicians
    Jonathan & Charlotte Pendragon

This is very popular magician couple, and they were met in the University of California. This is the attractive amalgamation of the two personalities one is a dancer, and one is a magician. They secure the place in the most popular book “Guinness Book of world records”. They are creating the illusion for the peoples and illusion is UN expected for us. This is famous first couple of the magician world. They are the Famous Magicians.

  1. Dante Magicians Magicians        
    Jonathan & Charlotte Pendragon
    dante magician

He was a famous magician in the time of 1883 to 1995. When he was dead, some diamond words said for him “end of the golden era of magic”. He had dead by the heart attack, and his real name is Harry august Jensen. But he was famous by the name of Dante. He is the one most popular as well as Famous Magicians of the world. He was mold the magic in a different way.

  1. Harry Blackstone Sr. Magicians          
    Famous Magicians
    Harry Blackstone Sr

He is very famous magician, and he was born on 27 September 1885 on Chicago. He was developed a new magic technique like sawing any person in half”, “making cage vanish”. The famous name knew him as “The Grate Blackstone”. He was able to doing something different like floating bulb and much uncountable magic he was done. He is the very Famous Magicians in this era.

  1. Cyril Takayama Magicians     
    Famous Magicians
    Cyril Takayama

He was born in California in Hollywood, but he is famous for the magic staging which was held in Japan. He has multiple videos over the internet. His magical trick is available over the internet, and we can follow this technique for amusement. When he was only in 12 year old, he was performed like a junior magician in a magic program. He is also the one of Famous Magicians.

  1. Penn & Teller Magicians          
    Famous Magicians
    Penn & Teller

Both are famous for duo, and they are an bewildering magician in the world. They are famous for them dangers magical techniques. They are performing in various TV shows, and they get many on stages staging. They are also written a book about magic and given the knowledge by the book about magic. Both are very Famous Magicians and them every magic was very interesting for the peoples.

  1. David Blaine Magicians              
    Famous Magicians
    david blaine magician

He was born on 4th April in 1973. Je is very famous magician in the world. He had to suffer from many family problems till 1994 and that time he send his tapes staging in top show”ABC”. He is the stunt type of magician and he always shows his stunning magic in front of everyone. He is the bewildering and Famous Magicians in this world. He got the worth in the ABC show because that was the bewildering staging of him.

  1. Magic Babe’ Ning Magicians             
    Famous Magicians
    Magic Babe’ Ning Magicians

She is the first professional Female magician in the world. She is rewarded in South East Asia. She is hardly inspired by the top magician David Copperfield and watching his all shows and trying to do magic like him in her kid stage. Have done 15 grant magical staging, and she is very Famous Magicians in this world. She is very popular women in the world of magic, and she always gives the stunning staging in front of all.

  1. Criss Angel Magicians           
    Famous Magicians
    Criss Angel Magicians

He is born on 19 October 1967 in East Meadow. He is very popular one in all the youths, and he was got the injured in his one show during stunts magic. He slaps down his balance and got damage her staging and body also. He is very popular one, and he is the Famous Magicians in the list of top magicians.

  1. David Copperfield Magicians             
    Famous Magicians
    David Copperfield Magicians

He is very famous for a different kind of personality like wealthy Personality.   He was born on 16 September 1956. The most popular and incredible magic of the world is Walking through the Great Wall of China. This is the one of ultimate magic fragmentation of the world in his life. By this standard type of magic, they were got the rank in the list of Famous Magicians. Magic always allure the peoples because that have different phase of the illusion and no one able to separate by this to him/her. The best magician always keeps the security for them magic and body because sometimes this magic may convert in the risk.


         10 .Harry Houdini Magicians           

Famous Magicians
Harry Houdini Magicians

He was born on 24 March 1874 and famous by the name of “escape artist”. This was an impressive title for him. His real name is different that is “Erich Weiss”. Most famous act which was done by him is “Chinese Water Cell”. Stunts are also remarkable like “Mirror challenge”, “overboard box escape” & “Buried alive” stunt.. He is very focus able magician in the world, but in 1926 he died. He was the one of Famous Magicians and till most of the year he was lived in the human mind.




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