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Top 10 things to do in Lanzarote

Lanzarote is an excellent destination and perfect place to visit for vacations. Lanzarote is famous and interesting place because here you can find attractive beaches, hotels and camel riding opportunity. These all activities are the best for every visitor, here you can make your holiday trip more adventures and memorable. That is the destination is mainly famous for camel riding, boating, beach, villas and market. Today many people searching about useful destination for vacation, so Lanzarote one of the excellent destination because here they can get opportunity to do many activities. If you are planning for a vacation, so here we are going to provide information about Top 10 things to do in Lanzarote and make your holiday more interesting.


1. Timanfaya National Park

So Timanfaya national park #1 things to do in Lanzarote are one of the beautiful places to visit for visitors. You can find their many violent volcanoes. That place is dusty volcanoes covered with ridges and rocks. That is the perfect place and here you can also find an opportunity to see more than 90 volcanoes of montanas del fuego. Timanfaya national park is the best and attractive place of lanzarote. Every person wants adventure place and activities to do, and I hope it will better for everyone. In this national park, you can use a better experience about volcano activity. There you can also see steams and magma on these volcanoes.

2. Rancho Texas Park

So Rancho Texas Park #2 things to do in Lanzarote this is best option for visitor and perfect for wildest experience because here you can find various wild animal species. Rancho Texas Park is the adventures place for vacationers. In that early day huge people are taking interest in wildlife, so this place is more perfect to go. Here you can see tigers, snakes, giant tortoises in zoo. This destination is also famous for line dancing and cowboy show, and that is the perfect choice for entertainment.

3. Camel safari in Lanzarote

Camel safari is the best option for the vacationer because you can take efficient ride of camel safari in lanzarote. That is a prominent activity for vacation and also has much fun for people. People can get the memorable experience of a camel ride. Here you can take help from camelleros, they can help you to control the camel at the time of riding. Lanzarote has complete landscape and area for camel safari and these days many people taking benefit from this safari.

4. Boat trip:-

To do Boating Lanzarote is also one of the best options. So if you’re planning to visit Lanzarote must take a ride of the boat this will make your Journey memorable. You can do many rides there Like Boat trip, scoter trip, so enjoy the ocean with boat trips Lanzarote, this is a tiny island But great for boating and surfing. These days many people taking interest in this activity, so in Lanzarote they can gain enough experience from the boat trip.

5. Castilo te guanappy

Castilo te guanappy oldest fort of 15th century and it is almost beautiful place for people. You can see here high walls in this fort, and Castilo te guanappy fort placed at the top of the volcano. Its walls are impregnable from pirate’s attacks, and Castilo te guanappy is also the best option to see and you must know about history about that fort. There you can also find visitors center to get more detail about this fort.

6. Surfing spot

You can also use experience surfing water that is the best way for more fun. Many vacationers mostly attracted about this activity, and I hope you will enjoy from that activity. Here you can do much water activities on this surfing spot, windsurfing, kiteboarding are the main example to do. That is a fantastic place for many things to do in lanzarote. There having many famous islands and that is perfect for surfing, people can take benefit from many kinds of water activities.

7. The green caves

The green caves, that is an important and the best place to visit. The green caves are perfect to visit, here you can see green color caves and also watch exploring volcano activity. These caves are 4000 years old, and best place of lanzarote to visit. You can see here beautiful caves and impressive nature. Visitors can also visit here to watch exciting and scary activities of volcanoes. Through these caves, you can find underground path about 4 miles that are connected to the sea.

8. The beaches

Beaches are more perfect and attractive destination of lanzarote, and this is the ideal place for vacationers. They can find more fun full activities on beach spot. On the beach, you can see wave surfing and also find the facility of resorts, boating facility and water activity. That is also perfect for the holiday trip, and you can make your holiday more efficient by many things to do in lanzarote. Here you can see beautiful beaches and golden sand. Golden sand makes these beaches more attractive for people. In lanzarote, you can gain better experience of spending time on lanzarote.

9. International museum

International museum is another best option to visit. International museum is also a famous place in lanzarote. Visitors can visit here because they can watch large number of beautiful things like paintings, antic things and history traces in that international museum. Many people are taking interest in history, so they can also visit here to know about lanzarote.

10. Teguise market

Teguise market is a favorite place for shopping, and you can also visit this market to buy locally and handmade things. That is the beautiful things specially made for visitors and they can get these all thing from this market. From teguise market, you can get tremendous kind of hand made things like bags, chairs, temporary accessories, clothing items and many more handmade items. Today many people have an interest about shopping, and now here you can get many beautiful things from teguise market and obtain an advantage from the holiday trip. Teguise is also famous and interesting place and mainly famous for market.

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