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The Xpose Movie
The Xpose Movie

The Xpose Movie review

The Xpose Movie review


Checking the movie reviews is called a good habit because thus you check whole details about star casting, story and movie ratings. Every year many movies release in bollywood. Some of them make new records of grossing and some makes very bad business in the theaters. Well all in all it depends on viewers that how they rate to movies. Well here I am going to show you movie reviews of recent two movies, which has good star cast and stories. Let us check which movie has got the success and which has become a flop:

The Xpose Movie
The Xpose Movie

The Xpose Movie review:

This movie’s story is based on 1960’s incident. In this movie you will see that tow superstars of Cinema are busy in finding the answer of bollywood actress Zara’s murder mystery. In this movie you will see some thrilling suspense and the suspect for the murder is Chandani another bollywood actress in the movie. Well some people have compared this story with Guda, but I got it quite different from Gunda movie. Actors have played their role in much better way and shown their full effort in making movie a successful blockbuster.

Well, when you will go to see this movie in theaters, I am sure that you will find it quite similar as “the great Gatsby.” After all if you will judge the scenes, then you will find it the Indian version of Hollywood movie. Whole movie is same like the great Gatsby, only stars are changed in this movie. Well, people who have seen the great Gatsby, they will not like this movie. Reason is ultimate acting of Leonardo dicaprio was awesome in The great Gatsby, but here you will not get those things.


Ananth Narayan Mahadevan


1 hr 20 min


Zoya Afroz, Himesh Reshammiya, Sonali Raut, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Ananth Mahadevan



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