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movie La La Land
movie La La Land

The movie La La Land Stuns is in the Venice Film Festival

La La Land stuns has taken a wonderful romantic starting with the love of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling where they swept critics which are with the right feet. This wonderful movie is directed and written by the Damien Chazelle and that opened in the large Venice Film Festival on over the Wednesday. Venice Film Festival is a very famous awards-prognosticating festival and Venice is the only first series which is included in it and also it has included in the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival and also in the Telluride Film Festival.

Well this La La Land is already dramatic aesthetic departure and that is from the first movie of Chazelle and if we talk about the music so that is going to response by jazz pianist and that has like a aspiring waitress which is pointed to the pair who fall in love and that is in the city of Los Angeles which has transformed into the dreamy as well as ethereal backdrop. The review report is good there and the reporter of Hollywood told about it as for other reviews according to T.H.R. praises. That is the film which has got the apparently audacious opening and over that people has been stuck and traffic has gone to be off and start the singing and dancing on the music. According to other reviews the La La Land having the great romantic fever dream about the musical so all are attracted on that side and enjoying it a lot. That collects the contemporary audiences and rights it on the sweet spot. After a long time everyone has to listen that kind of lovely, original lyrics on the screen and obviously crowd need to be there.

Actually on the big screen the La La Land has show the big musical audacious so all are taking is as a something new and that is very good to see daring of filmmaker who has take to risk put it on the screen and show it in front of all. That is such a great terrific lead performances and applied it, that is much important because it is kind of the risk may be it can be failed but now it has been hot and blasting on the screen and now going to be at the Venice Film Festival.

Chazelle’s Whiplash has released on the 2014 and it was a great one as the Oscar darling and there was the co-star is J.K. Simmons who won the best-supporting-actor statue and which is for the brutal portrayal regarding of its music instructor. Now time will again repeat the history with La La Land and show the talent of Damien Chazelle like the best director and writer who wrote that kind of things. And really he really the person who has the quality which is really something different to other and his thinking level is just a kind of the general public and that’s because he spies that idea.

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