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Ed Henry
Ed Henry

The Journalist Ed Henry come back in Fox News Channel after Absence over Alleged Affair

Ed Henry is the one of the very famous American personality who is famed because of American broadcast journalist and also famed for the senior White House correspondent for the news channel Fox. Ed Henry was alleged by the affair issue with Las Vegas hostess led which is about to his absence at the network. But now he is released from that alleged affair and back to going to the Fox News Channel after that all issue. The News former of Fox who is the White House correspondent also has been off from the air approx of the four months and on his first day back to the work at Monday that is according to Hill report.

Ed Henry was responsible for previously covering the presidential campaign about Hillary Clinton and now he is focused on the general assignment report which is for the Fox. And that is situated under the new role of chief national correspondent and that is according to the CNNMoney. Now Ed Henry is in the news due to this reason and not happy to back to work again with the new role kept. But the plan of Fox is for Ed Henry is not including in any of the reporting which is related to the presidential campaign and any political reporting in general. That is very hard and wonder decision for Ed Henry which is sometimes unexpected but needs to accept by Ed Henry.

According to various magazines, Ed Henry was exposed due to the affairs of 10 month with the Natalia Lima in the month may and there were include the graphics text and she said there like she and the married dad has exchanged and that was really very shocking news for Fox News Channel too.

According to Fox News they said that had the personal issue of Ed Henry and aware of it and Ed Henry is some of the time off to the work and things have out. Ed Henry had lack of the judgment especially got the position as a journalist, well Ed Henry is a very famous personality of Fox News Channel and due to that kind of alleged he had defused that position but he again got the new position after solved that all matter and now he again on the work with the new position. But there are some other decisions taken by the Fox’s like to refuse Ed Henry from all responsibility of political reporting in general and other decided things. Ed Henry had two children and he had worked previously in CNN and sideline by the Fox officials and that is after the Touch magazine reveal about the affair Ed Henry’s affair with the Natalia Lima. It was the highlighted issue and it had directly reflected the image and position of Ed Henry in a bad manner which is really very ashamed matter for the Ed Henry but now everything is better.

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