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Tasikmalaya indonesia travel guide
Tasikmalaya indonesia travel guide

Tasikmalaya indonesia travel guide

Tasikmalaya indonesia travel guide

Tasikmalayais one of the citieswith a majorityMuslim populationthatis inan area of​​184.38square kilometerswith a population of635,424inhabitants.Tasikmalayais asymbol ofIslambecause ofthe boarding schoolthat teachesreligionand spawneda nationalherothatthe city isknownas a city ofstudents. Tasikmalayacan be reached bythe time2.5jamfromBandung. The city is locatedon the mainsouthern island ofJava andcan be saidas the citythat hasthe potentialtodevelop the businessand strategic.


Through theTasikmalayatravel guide,visitorswill be takentraces the history, traditions, handicraftsand tourismTasikmalayacurrentlybeing aggressivelyencouragedlocal governments toattractlocal and foreign tourists. Variousfestivals areheld tolift the economyand introduce theworld ofTasikmalayaoutside.Local residentsare ethnicSundaneseTasikmalayaupholdcultural wisdom. Withthe rightguide andtour, visitors canseepanoramic views ofMount Galunggung, cipatujah, Situ Gede Mountain andother.


When you book hotels in Tasikmalaya, Tasikmalaya friendliness of its people, which is tribal Sundanese warmly welcoming visitors. Visitors will be taken to trace the history of the existence of the railway station in 1928, and many other historic buildings are used in the colonial period both serve as a hospital, hotel or office assistant resident in the 1920s. With the proper guide, visitors can get the services of a tour of the hotel to explore every corner of Tasikmalaya.


According to the Tasikmalaya travel information, Tasikmalaya town in the middle of the heart of the earth Priangan east and south, flanked Ciamis city and attractions Pangandaran beach the famous and legendary. To reach Pangandaran beach attractions, visitors must pass through Tasikmalaya city so the city’s economy is increasing especially during the holiday season.


Places to stay in Tasikmalaya


Crown Hotel


Crown hotel offers comfort and tranquility while in Tasikmalaya located on the street with a number of rooms 61 RE.Martadinata Dan2 room type. Crown hotel is located in the city center and business center by providing the best facilities and is unmatched in Tasikmalaya. Various facilities are available for visitors such as satisfaction, coffee shop, 24hr room service, restaurant, outdoor pool and more.


Santika Hotel


Luxury and elegance Santika hotel is able to provide visitor comfort while staying with 61 rooms and a choice of 3 types of rooms to suit your needs. Fast service and special amenities, combined with complete a form Santika hotel offerings for visitor satisfaction. Laundry, restaurant, meeting facilities, 24 hours, family rooms, internet access and a swimming pool are available and indulge for all visitors during stay in Santika Hotel. Santika hotel offers room service and amenities to a standard that does not disappoint.


Asri Hotel


Asri hotel located in the city center, exactly in the HZ Mustafa, a strategic as close to business centers and shopping. Asri hotel provides 58 rooms with two types of rooms with complete facilities and luxurious.Asri hotel not only provides facilities for adults such as, meeting facilities, coffee shop, restaurant, fitness center, and others but also provides a children’s pool and a skating game features that provide visitor satisfaction. Asri hotel with the best comfort, exceptional service, and hotel cleanliness is maintained, and strategic location coupled with affordable prices offered only to visitors while in Tasikmalaya.


Ramayana Hotel


Ramayana hotel designed with modern style architecture and equipped with luxury amenities provides 40 rooms for visitors while in Tasikmalaya. Restaurant, pool, and meeting rooms are available for visitor use. All the rooms are available already through the selection and accuracy to get the best facilities and special. Friendliness and a smile from the staff to the unique characteristic of Ramayana Hotel in serving and satisfying visitors.


Popular Things to do and see in Tasikmalaya


Galunggung Mountain


Galunggung Mountain is located at an altitude of 2167 meters above sea level and 17km from the city center Tasikmalaya become a tourist attraction for visitors to enjoy the freshness and coolness of the air. Arriving at the site, visitors can enjoy a warm bath of pure water coming out of the bowels of the earth. With the right guide, visitors can see the crater Galunggung Mountain views.


Dragon Village


Dragon Village is traditional villages with an area of 4 hectares are located on the highway connecting the city of Bandung through town Tasikmalaya-Garut. The villager’s dragon have a unique life and still hold strong despite the ancestral traditions blend with modern society. On the big day Muslim, villagers dragon will hold a ceremony to perform Pedaran or read the history of their ancestors. Of buildings in the village have in common such as the dragon, using leaf thatched roof, thatch ijuk or pillars as cover. Door of the building is made from cane fiber and all buildings should be facing north or south. Dragon village became one of the sights that right when visitors are in Tasikmalaya.




Pamijahan is one of the objects of religious tourism in the village with an area of ​​25 hectares pamijahan. Pamijahan commonly used by visitors who have a particular interest in the pilgrimage that is very strong attraction to religious rituals. Typically, the location pamijahan crowded as the big day Islam.


Cipatujah Beach


Cipatujah beach is popular maritime attractions in Tasikmalaya, which covers an area of ​​115 acres and is 91km from the city center. This beach has an amazing beauty so do not be surprised if much visited by local and foreign tourists. Not far from the beach cipatujah, visitors can visit the pamayangsari beach that is a village angler to get fresh seafood.


Places to eat in Tasikmalaya


Rice stalls Mrs. Oom


Rice stalls Mrs.Oom a typical Sundanese food stalls that are on the road Dr. Soekarjo which provides more than 40 types of side dishes such as fried carp, rendang, jengkol stews, Pepes, pickles and more. Rice shop was started in 2000, which is open from 4 pm until 2 am. Sop legs and jerked beef skewers a menu mainstay rice stalls Mrs. oom favored visitors.




Tutug oncom rice is typical food Tasikmalaya population located in the dadaha street not far from the GOR Susi susanti. Juju Mrs. rice stalls that provide rice tutug oncom operate at 3 pm to 7 pm since 1998. Rice tutug oncom use from baked oncom to be destroyed along kencur, ginger and salt. Oncom combined with spices served with warm rice with the other side dishes that add to the enjoyment.

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