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Tarakan indonesia travel guide
Tarakan indonesia travel guide

Tarakan indonesia travel guide

Tarakan indonesia travel guide

Tarakan is a city East Kalimantan with an area of ​​250.80 square kilometers and a shelter for 239,787 people. Tarakan city inhabited by tidung tribes and various other tribes such as Dayak, Banjar, Javanese, Bugis, Batak, Toraja, Chinese, and others. The majority of the city’s population adheres to Islam, followed by several other religions such as, Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Confucianism. Based on the survey, the city of Tarakan is the third largest city in East Kalimantan and includes rankings of the richest 17 ​​cities in Indonesia.


Through the Tarakan travel guide, visitors can explore a variety of unique Tarakan offering beauty culture, traditions and historic buildings is challenging to trace. Visitors will see the light and beauty of the vibrant city of Tarakan in the evening. With the right guide, visitors can browse through all of the facilities on offer ranging from culinary up to enjoy the nightlife. Special tour of the various travel agents can be a good option to explore the city of Tarakan start in the morning, afternoon and evening.


When you book hotels in Tarakan, many offers from various five-star hotels that guarantee comfort and enjoyment while in Tarakan, either for tourism or business. All needs and visitor information is available and can be obtained through the hotel, ranging from tourist locations, rental car, up to the tour. Various hotels with luxurious and classy facilities available to pamper guests while in Tarakan.


According to the travel information Tarakan, Tarakan origin of the word comes from the word Ngakan and Tarak meaning anglers resting place to eat, meet and make exchanges with other anglers catch. Tidung kingdom is a kingdom ruled eastern Kalimantan in 1076-1156. The history and development of Tarakan can be seen from the various historic buildings and museums that depict ranging from the kingdom era to the present.


Places to stay in Tarakan


Swiss Bellhotel


Swiss Bellhotel conveniently located close to downtown and the airport, precisely in the way Mulawarman that provides 84 rooms with 2 types of rooms that ensure comfort while visitors are in Tarakan. Swiss Bellhotel offers the luxury and amenities for business and pleasure. Meeting facilities, coffee shop, restaurant, business center, room service, laundry service, swimming pool, internet access, sauna, and spa are available for visitor enjoyment during your stay. Transfers airport / hotel ready for pick up and drop off hotel guests with comfortable vehicles and always on time.


Makmur Hotel


Makmur hotel is 5km from the city center and provides 43 rooms with 2 room type, king beds and the Queen. The hotel is 2km from the airport can be reached by using transfer airport / hotel that available. Meeting facilities, laundry service, internet access, and ample parking space available for visitors who are in Tarakan when business and pleasure. Makmur hotel can be a perfect option when visitors are in Tarakan.


Sakura Hotel


Sakura Hotel is located in the Sudirman Street offers comfort and tranquility lodging with amenities such as laundry service, business center, airport transfer service / hotel, and internet access. All rooms are equipped with facilities designed perfectly for the convenience of visitors during your stay. Sakura Hotel provides exceptional comfort and hospitality with hotel staff is ready to help visitors at any time.


Popular things to do and see in Tarakan


Amal Beach


Amal Beach is located in the district of East Tarakan, which is one of the largest sources of oil in Indonesia. Amal Beach offers the exotic charm of the community known marine tourism Tarakan. The beach offers stunning scenery and fascinating that attract local and foreign tourists, and not to be missed while in Tarakan.




Mangrove forest is located on Jalan Gajah Mada 9 hectares with an area which is a tourist icon in Tarakan were precisely located in the heart of Tarakan. Mangrove forest area has functioned as the lungs of the city of Tarakan highly admired local visitors and foreign tourists.  Mangrove Forest is used for the benefit of a living laboratory for a number of researchers from different countries, and there are mangrove forests hundreds of years old and very rare.  The proboscis monkey is one of the monkeys with a great body that is the main attraction of local and foreign visitors.




Oil well becomes one of tours in Tarakan, located in the village one. This attraction is the first oil wells were drilled in 1907, and began production in 1909 harvest. Along the road to the village four and six villages, visitors can see the history of the hill former Dutch and Japanese oil drilling.




Japanese funeral monument is 4km from the center of Tarakan rectangular with writing kanji stand was built in 1933. This monument is a witness to the history of the presence of the Japanese as a funeral ashes. Japanese funeral monument is a historical witnesses the presence of the Japanese people as possible come next merchant city was used as a shipping route eastern Japan during World War II.


Australia Monument


Australia monument located on the island of Borneo and a testament to the history of political unrest during World War II in Tarakan. Monument Australia within 5km from the city center was built to commemorate the 225 soldiers Australia Bridge Division 9 to 26 who died in the liberation war Tarakan from the unity of the army, navy and airforce.


Places to eat in Tarakan


The LovelyMahakam lodge


The lovely Mahakam lodge with a restaurant concept distinctively village atmosphere is so thick that impression ghetto archipelago so pronounced. The lovely Mahakam lodge serves archipelago with a blend of traditional spices and tantalizing taste sensation. Restaurant not only serves the best archipelago but also a comfortable atmosphere at home with a friendly price.


CrabSauceWalnuts restaurants


Walnuts Sauce Crab Restaurants, located on the road that serves special Mulawarman with treatment and the best spices, namely crab walnut sauce. This crab dish has a distinctive ranging from broth, crab meat, marinade that permeates through so much in demand locally and overseas visitors.

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