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How to take care puppies?

Puppies are like small kids. You have to treat them carefully to keep them fine for all times. It is not so difficult task to do but also not so easy. as kids cry, when they are scared, puppies also shout, while they are scared of anything. You have to take them in your hands so that they will feel secure. Often people purchase puppies from market, thus those small puppies go away from their mother. Now you are their world and you will need to take care of them like their mother. If you don’t know how to take care puppies, then follow given ideas to keep them safe and secure.


  • While you go in the market to purchase a puppy, you should choose their bread carefully.
  • Choose only those puppies, which are favorable according to the climate of your area.
  • If you will bring a puppy of bread, which is not favorable in your country’s atmosphere, then it will be a deadly decision for the life of puppy you will choose.
  • Another thing you I want to include in “how to take care of puppies” are to prepare your house for the new member of your house.
  • Remove all the dangerous and sharp things from flour of your house, so that your puppy can easily move over it.
  • If you have any other animal in your house like big cat, other dog, etc, so tie them until it won’t be familiar with your new puppy.
  • Purchase all important things you will need for your new puppy, like a best for its neck, a beautiful locket for its neck-belt and other accessories.
  • Don’t allow your puppy to sleep over the flour because it can be injurious for its health. Bring a new puppy bed for your puppy and let it sleep over it.
  • Make the bed of only clean cloths so that any disease won’t touch your puppy.
  • If you want to tie it in your house, then use only nylon rope for it, because it never harms to the skin of puppies.
  • Feed it in a clean jar and add some nutrients of dog food in the milk of your puppy.
  • If the puppy doesn’t know how to take milk, then you can feed it with nipple bottle.
  • Train your puppy to go out for the toilet.

These all things are very important to know while you are looking for how to take care of puppies.


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