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Swimsuit Model Jessica Gomes

Sexiest Bomb Swimsuit Model Jessica Gomes

Jessica Gomes, who is an Australian Model, is now before us as  A Sexiest Female Swimsuit Model. Jessica Gomes was born on September 25, 1985, in Sydney, New South wales, Australia. Her  extensively done work can also be seen in Continents of Asia along with Australia. Gomes, who is the featured Spokesperson for Australian corporations David Jones Limited, has also famous as a spokesperson for Korean Conglomerates LG Electronics and Hyundai. This Sexiest Swimsuit Model Jessica Gomes has also been babbled as the voice of Rick Ross label Maybach Music Group. Her breakout performances are considered as an An Early LG ad campaign.

Jessica Gomes is the daughter of a Portuguese father and a Chinese mother named Joe Gomes and Jenny respectively. There are many statements about the birth place of this Female Swimsuit Model Jessica Gomes. According to Jessica, her birthplace is Sydney and was raised in Perth. She is the youngest child  in her family after two older sisters and one brother. Mother of Gomes named Jenny started sending Jessica to modeling classes at Linda- Model Academy in Perth Suburb Midland, when Jessica has been just off 13. Then the acting of Jessica ushered to a contest in modeling and also begun her career in the side of modeling. After moving to the city of New york she signed with IMG models  in the year 2004. Jessica Gomes had done her almost work in the continent of Asia extensively. Her work cities are Tokyo, Seoul, Hong kong, Beijing and Shanghai instead of working in Paris and Milan.

Much success has been enjoyed by the Jessica by the South Indian Advertising Campaign. In the year of 2007, the face of Jessica has also seen for the advertisements Hyundai Sonata. In the upcoming years, this sexiest Swimsuit Model was acquainted as the advertiser of LG Cyon Bikini Phone in which Split Screen cell phone having worn two-pieces Bikini, under the tagline Touch the Wonder, was promoted by this Female Swimsuit  model. Through this advertisement, a new fame and attitude of Jessica came forward, before the world. Then Jessica got several opportunities to hold several ads. She was also given the offer to stardom in South Korea. She became the popular ones and by the year 2013 between her spokesmanship and her appearances on Korean television show and got the celebrity Status. Beyond the Korean success of this ultimate sexy Female Swimsuit Model Jessica Gomes, she has too appeared in different site like  Vogue, Teen Vogue, Glamour, American Glamour and Victoria’s Secret Catalogue has modeled for DKNY Jeans, Garnier, Levi’s Motorola, Urban outfitters and Victorias Secret and came before on the cover of Biba.

Swimsuit Model Jessica Gomes also became the face of Enprani cosmetics, and also launched a lip gloss on her name named Gomes pink. Swimsuit Model Jessica Gomes was on the 34 number in the list of sexy models in the year 2012 and on 8 numbers  in 2013 and was listed on 94 numbers in 2014. She was also on 25th rank in the Maxim’s Top 25 Hottest Females of 2012.

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