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Star Wars the Force Awakens Review
Star Wars the Force Awakens Review

Star Wars the Force Awakens Review

Interesting Star Wars the Force Awakens Review

Of the Galactic Empire, due to the defeat of the third year faced by the Galaxy new threat which is from the side of evil Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) and the First Order. After that, the name of the defector is Finn crash-lands on a desert planet than he meets with Rey- Daisy Ridley, which is tough scavenger whereas droid having a top-secret map.  The release date is December 18, 2015, and director of the Star Wars is J.J. Abrams, Film Series is Star War and story by George Lucas. The cast is such as Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, and Adam Driver. This is the very interesting movie which inhabits you during the length that is the superlative movie. Now here Force Awakens is a part of Star Wars the Force Awakens Review which is belonging to the third category JJ Abrams’ Episode VIII.


Star Wars the Force Awakens Review
Star Wars the Force Awakens Review


The Strange thing is Abrams was here recruiting to direct a Star Wars film 10 years. There the sympathized is Luke Skywalker but here the direct is as the legendary Jedi who had delivered on every single count. When to come in the side of seventh part of the series of Star Wars then numerous times you should gently nudging open the door to the Galactic Empire and because of that you will back in a home with happiest feelings. Well, the Star Wars the Force Awakens Review is great because this is the movie event of the year as well as it reveals the facts. There are many iconic moments and iconic reverse scroll appears and John Williams’ was rousing theme booms. This movie is the full of entertaining and classical appearance present here you found the Hyper referential, full of in-jokes and thing is Abrams has takes the features of the original trilogy and present the ultimate loving mash-up. Ultimate he removed the scars of the prequels and where they never existed.

Few of Interesting are is about Star Wars the Force Awakens Review

The earning is as much for Star Wars as Baahubali’s whole budget-

The film takes off from the side of where the back of the Jedi ended. It’s just close with three decades till from Ewoks danced to celebrate whereas the end of evil empire. Throughout of this the one thing is that imbalance return in a galaxy far, far away. There Luke Skywalker was go missed and a malevolent First Order has replaced with the Empire and the thing is with the Rebel Alliance is rechristened Resistance. There is one of the keys which is the key to doing restoring balance and focusing on the light and dark side which is looking for it.

In India the Force is strong as Star wars opens-

The thing is here what he shared with other into two newcomers to the franchise that is Rey and Finn and both are the strength tinged together human frailties and self-doubt. The unbelievable thing is it makes all of them real and reliable which has been the greater faithful thing from all the sides. Here Rey and Finn is especially getting a stand for the young viewers and this is because of they are heard of Leia, Han Solo, and Luke. In fact, they are not sure about the myth and what is the reality. After that, they take Han Solo because to appear and assure them, “The Dark Side, the Jedi—it’s true.  The issue is here after that all things about this franchise; crooked grin and swagger firmly are still the beating heart. After that, Star Wars realize that they could an even better movie if they tell with his furry sidekick Chewbacca.

Stranger thing in this movie is here Carrie Fisher’s Leia is too come back as the leader of the Resistance. But due to the Older and wiser, we all are having some interesting hope as see more of her like the franchise progresses. There as the older cast members hope like steal the scenes and there the situation is youngsters have made an assured debut.  In another side, Boyega’s Finn is presenting another part which is such as a funny and sensitive in equal parts. They are in the other side for casting the Black Man, Abrams leads with the billion-dollar franchise, but there the Riley’s Rey who is a real find. An emotional touch is when the scrappy scavenger and Rey will combine heart with spirit together. Well her feisty portrayal prove she make it one of the very feminist films of the year.

Star Wars is the biggest Hollywood opener and Star Wars has been made a great record-

Abrams offers us few amazing and George Lucas failed to do in the prequels and there are they appear the action and real feel. Abrams is every frequently manage all the section like manage the judiciously mixing CGI together homegrown that means such that putting the term which is people in suits and using robots. There all the themes are present like wintry forest and planets being neutralized as well as face-offs between TIE fighters and X-wingers so all is present here very well. They have covered all the planets like winter wonderlands, tropical delights, arid deserts and the bad guy’s lair. The Star Wars is the film which made like visual spectacle and try to give the all familiar things is about the force Awakens and Star Wars the Force Awakens Review is very speechless because it has been covering all the thing and enough to beat other ones. In this side the director tried to have explored a brave new world and he try to perform the prefer derivative. In the inside of that defense, it is enough to do for the great performance and better review.

All character is smartly played them the role and make the series of Star Wars the Force Awakens Review much better than previous. Well, the true thing is about this film, it is a copybook exercise in storytelling. In this derivative, you just see the amazing roles of the old and new characters arc.

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