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How to Spray Paint A Car

If you will go to the car repairing center or car’s showroom, then they will charge too much amount for painting the car. It is not so difficult task to do by the way. You just need to know the properly how to spray paint a car and you can apply the method for painting your car. This is not so tough to learn, as I was thinking before. When I got the way, I thought to share it with your all. It will take so minimum time and you can easily remove the old paint and repaint your car for making it new one. Just follow given process and you will know how to spray paint a car.

  • Car painting step begins from finding a suitable place for painting the car. You can choose your car garage for it or any other place, which is dust free.
  • Now cover the whole place with plastic paper to keep walls safe from paint.
  • Now arrange the whole painting equipments, you will need in this process, like car paint, sand paper, primer and the most important thing is protecting things like mask, rubber gloves etc.
  • Now we are starting the process of car painting. First take off whole rust from your car using the sand paper.
  • Clean the rusted surface with the help of a clean cloth.
  • You should also remove the old paint of car by using paint stripper.
  • It will hardly take one hour in removing the old paint of car.
  • Now clean whole surface of your car to paint it.
  • If there is any kind of brand stickers available on your car, then remove them because it will be spoiled in painting procedure.
  • Now take primer in a container and spread it over the whole surface of your car.
  • Wait for drying the primer, off course it will take at least one hour in drying.
  • Now prepare the paint in a container according your choice.
  • Take a paint sprinkler, which car painters use to paint the car.
  • Spray the paint over your car’s surface. Before spreading the paint you have to cover the whole glasses carefully, otherwise it will be painted too.
  • After painting the car, wait for its drying. After drying the paint clean the upper surface of your car with the help of a clean cloth.
  • Your car will look quite new and you can go out in it.

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