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South Africa Cricket Team

National South Africa Cricket Team

A South Africa Cricket Team is the well-played the team of the world and has a great future and amazing history beside us and nickname is Proteas. In the case of the South Africa had been played the 390 matches and lost 129 and win 14 matches. South Africa Cricket Team is the very important member of International Cricket Council with Test and One Day International status.


South Africa Cricket Team
South Africa Cricket Team


This team had played 536 ODIs and wins the 331 matches and lost 184 matches and in the history of 2012 that was become the first team inside the top ranking in three formats of the game and still South Africa has ranked.

Amazing history is about South Africa Cricket Team

The South Africa Cricket Team was a team which had toured England in 1947 and that time the captain was Alan Melville and vice-captain, Dudley Nourse at Nottingham and those all was achieved the test match record for a third wicket partnership with 319. Let the thing in 1970 the bust moment is ICC voted to suspend South Africa at international cricket indefinitely and that is because the policy of the government is apartheid. The policy is led because that is just for the white nation like England, Australia and New Zealand and that field for only white players.

South Africa Cricket Team has got the reputation as a frequent choker as the global cricket tournaments conducted through the International Cricket Council. There we have the two most important moments for South Africa Cricket Team:

  1. In 1999 Super Six Stage,
  2. Cricket World Cup 2003’s

That all moments is very delight for South Africa Team and they proof they are the best team ever and represent the South Africa as a great team.

World cup history about South Africa Cricket Team:

  1. 1992: Semi-finals – vs England
  2. 1996: Quarter-finals – vs West Indies
  3. 1999: Semi-finals – vs Australia
  4. 2003: Group stage
  5. 2007: Semi-finals – vs Australia
  6. 2011: Quarter-finals – vs New Zealand
  7. 2015: Semi-finals – vs New Zealand

ICC World Twenty20 Matches:

  1. 2007: Super 8
  2. 2009: Semi-finals – vs Pakistan
  3. 2010: Super 8
  4. 2012: Super 8
  5. 2014: Semi-finals – vs India

ICC Champions Trophy of South Africa Cricket Team:

  1. 1998: Winner
  2. 2000: Semi-finals – vs India
  3. 2002: Semi-finals – vs India
  4. 2004: First round
  5. 2006: Semi-finals – vs West Indies
  6. 2009: First round
  7. 2013: Semi-finals – vs England

The last is Commonwealth Games which had done in 1998: Gold medal and that all was amazing matches which are played by the South Africa and interesting matched had been. South Africa is very strong team ever and it was the great history which never can forget in the term of matches. South Africa’s upcoming matches with the England will waiting and maybe it will very interesting match so wait. The South Africa Cricket Team is the very famous national team and leading team of ICC and was win many of the matches so took up the higher score and get famed.

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