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Social Innovations

Top Indian Tech Start-Ups Pioneering Social Innovations

The 10 technology start-ups establishments and their Social Innovations are checked out which are assembling a difference between in the way we live and the way we will live in the future also.  In the technical market has a lot of industries which has leveraged technology inside the better enough transform for the better lives.  A lot of the organization we follow in the below section which is the like the crowd of funding.

As a bit of India new series on the need for starting up in India, end of the week we compiled the various technologies in India. This week we conduct to you an inclusive list of the 20 most technology startups Social Innovations incubators in India through with their typical funding ranges, focus areas, and services offered.

Start-ups last week is back in Delhi and this current time with Pioneering Social Innovations and Green technology event. Start-ups last week Delhi conducting together few of brightest intelligent minds in the ‘socio-tech’ space from businessman’s to investors to help you with your social ideas impact.

Here we capture a look at 10 such establishments and their Social Innovations which are positively affecting the groups they serve.

Humana People to People India (HPPI):

The Humana People to People India has enhanced Digitech, who is an original courseware framework planned for a training of teacher, the training teacher from primary school. Courseware covers theme, children-centric studying methodologies, leadership skills and societal awareness. It is recently operational in two situations in Haryana and has affected over 4,400 teachers and approximate 25,000 children’s till date. They plan to Social Innovations scale to 27 current districts across Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh.

Sukhibava Healthcare Solutions:

It instructs local-micro entrepreneurs subsisting in slums, to use their cloud based technology of mobile to teach underserved women on menstrual purity. The Social Innovations establishment has recently implemented the result in Bangalore and is supposed to impact over 2,800 peoples by the end of 2016.

Educate Girls:

The educate girls Social Innovations establishment has developed an application of mobile, with two main elements. First main is a feature that permits the establishment to monitor the location of their field staff and activities also. The second one element permits managers visibility into a level improvement of the school. The establishment is operational in 7 districts in the Rajasthan and has affected over 580 field staff and 1 Lakh student.


The Zeroinfy.com, Social Innovations established in January 2015, is a Kolkata-based collective education base where a student can purchase video lectures which all lectures made by the teachers and faculty also. This also provides peer-to-peer teaching opportunities and encourages students to allowance their personal notes with another student, from little towns of West Bengal, via their basement. They offer the course just like CA, CFA, CS, UPSC and IIT-JEE.

Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled:

The Social Innovations establishment provides vocational training to disabled young across the department of the IT/Banking/BPO/hospitality and many any others. Training is provided by seven livelihood facility centers that furnished with computers, accessible software programs, and IT equipment. It has provided teaching and has affluent placed over 7000 disabled applicants and has 7 teaching centers and training centers over Karnataka and Jharkhand also.

Surya Power Magic:

The Coimbatore-platform cleantech start-ups, Surya Power Magic convey solar irrigation solutions to farmers in power shortfall regions. Their Solar Irrigation Solutions are simple to use, long-lasting and they provide suitable financing arrangements in specific geographies.


The Social Innovations has enhanced the first low cost of electronic refreshable Braille reader the Braille reader helps in the writing and reading also by electronic Braille. The equipment will have a pivotal role in forming the department of both education and employment which is for the visually impaired.

Cropln Technology Solutions:

An agriculture technology solutions start-ups, who provides agri companies the technology and skill to generate a smarter and safer food provide for consumers. Cropln offers data on a cloud-based platform, combined with a mobile app for Android. Called Smart Farms, it permits large food businesses to track the develop of crops on farms about the country. It also helps farmers in embracing national agricultural practices and enhances productivity through offering perceptions and harvest forecasts.

Sohum Innovation Labs:

It has expanded a low-cost hardware cum software solution that applies brainstem operator similar response to screen and identifies infants with hearing impairments at an untimely stage. It is selecting infants in resource week settings with the focus of screening 1 million infants through 2018 and identifying over 45,500 infants with enquiring impairment, and acquiring them the protection they need.


Haqdarshak is a tablet/mobile based application, who consists of a final database of pertinent government schemes present to citizens. Till date it has plotted across Delhi, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra and has possible to reach over 276 millions of Indians.

Many establishments and singles have found technology to be a very great medium in sequence to improve the world for the better. With the job of foundations like as the Gates Foundation, help from initiatives like as Social Innovation and social venture accelerator Wayra UnLtd and of course, the assist Internet and the Nominet Trust 100, the future brilliant for those which are previously uneducated.

The Bookshare is the world’s enhanced accessible online library of the copies books for the person with reprint disabilities like as defect. The establishment has a web of technology, corporate and non-profit suggestions, as well as a group of donors.

The Social Innovation of blind square is an increased reality the application of GPS for the visually impaired. It acquires information about the neighboring a situation from Foursquare and OpenStreetMap. It too uses its own high-quality sounds is many various languages to announce data about the user’s environments.

The forecast is a mixed for the technology and services field, as explanation and simplification improve company and more technology assumption in governance is a pace in a way of right direction, the National Association of software information technology and job companies said in a thoughts.

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