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Singkawang indonesia travel guide
Singkawang indonesia travel guide

Singkawang indonesia travel guide

Singkawang indonesia travel guide

Singkawang is cities in South Kalimantan with a total area of 504 square miles and home to 246,306 residents. The majority of Singkawang people adheres Buddhism supported the economy in the areas of trade, agriculture, animal husbandry and industrial ceramics. Based on the history of the city Singkawang, local residents, the majority of the city is the people of Chinese descent. Initially, Singkawang a village as haven traders and gold miners were mostly from China, which has finally decided to settle in Singkawang Singkawang seeing developments considered quite promising.


Through the Singkawang travel guide visitors will be taken to know more about the traditions, customs and culture of the local population Singkawang exciting to be traced, either China or the Dayak culture. With the best local guide, visitors can see a variety of popular tourist spots, places manufacture of ceramics of the Ming dynasty style, oriental style buildings, traditional markets, and stunning natural scenery. Singkawang travel guide provides information that the visitor can enjoy the Cap Go Meh festival, which is the 15th day of the peak Chinese New Year celebration with a ceremony held Tatung, which is a ritual expulsion of evil spirits and ward off bad luck in the future. Interestingly, Tatung Tatung not only enlivened people of Chinese descent, but also followed the Dayak people, due to similarity ritual Tatung with the ceremonial Dayak, as well as strengthen relationships with indigenous Dayak tribes in particular.


When you book hotels in Singkawang, visitors will be amazed with the services and features that are available in a variety of hotels to be able to pamper and soothe while in Singkawang. The development of the hospitality industry in Singkawang increased along with the increase in tourism and trade industry. Singkawang as the most prominent city of tourism in West Kalimantan, which is not only known in Indonesia but also in the whole world it is not difficult to find a hotel with the amenities and services satisfying when doing business or traveling in Singkawang. All information, location of popular attractions, culinary tourism can be found when visitors book hotels in Singkawang.


According to the Singkawang travel information, culture and diversity to be one interesting for visitors. Beach with white sand and stunning scenery becomes popular tourist attractions to visit while in Singkawang. Mentioned in travel Singkawang information that visitors can enjoy the water, such as water skiing, windsurfing, snorkeling and more. Bars and Nightclubs await visitors to spend time in the evenings with the music beats.


Places to stay in Singkawang


Crown Hotel


Located on Princes Diponergoro Street offer temporary shelter for visitors in Singkawang by number of rooms 50 and provides 4 types of rooms are spacious and comfortable.A poolside bar, restaurant, meeting facilities, business center, meeting facilities, room service 24 hours, and the pool is a facility available in the crown for the convenience of visitors. Singkawang information is available at the hotel Crown to provide a guide for visitors to explore every corner of the city Singkawang.


Khatulistiwa Hotel


Khatulistiwa hotel located on Prince Diponegoro Street with rooms numbered 30 and deluxe rooms with spacious room offers peace and comfort while in Singkawang.The hotel terrace is available for guests who want to relax while enjoying a coffee or tea in the afternoon while watching the sunset. Coffee shop and a restaurant serving delicious food to the guests. With a calm and cozy atmosphere, Khatulistiwa Hotel could be the right choice when visiting Singkawang.


Prapatan Hotel


Prapatan hotel located right in the city center on the road Singkawang Prosperous equipped with various facilities such as a coffee shop, family room, smoking room and a spacious parking lot. Prapatan hotel provides 40 rooms equipped with coffee and tea maker facilities, minibar, TV and airconditioning that makes breaks visitors will be more comfortable. Travelers will be serviced hotel employees were friendly and courteous and ready to help provide information on the best places in Singkawang.





Popular things to do and see in Singkawang


Roban Mountain


SingkawangofferRobanMountainas a tourist attractionfor visitorswho want tosportclimbingto reach thetop of the mountainRoban, which is located8 kilometerseast of the citytowardsSingkawang.Visitors willsee thefreshnessandnatural beauty ofthe Roban mountain, which is thehabitatgrowthcorpse flowerorAmorphpophallus titanium. In the mountain peaks, visitors cansee thesea views andthe activities of theSingkawangfrom a distance.


Poteng Mountain


PotengMountaincalledMountthumbbecause it looks likea human handthumbwhen viewedfrom a distance. The mountain isanature reservewhere it grewraffles flowersand orchidssingkawangthe appeal oftravelers, whether local or foreign. With therightguide, visitors cansee thebeauty of thenaturalforestslocated9kmto the northofthe citySingkawang.


Nature tourismHangmoy


HangmoyMountain is atouristareaand is thename ofthe rivers thatdisgorgePoteng, most of the peopleareethnic Chinesewho is afarmerwith a rustic feelcalm andcomfortable.The Hangmoy Riveris aplace to holda celebrationpechunbath, which is aChinesetradition. Naturetourismis located6kmfrom the cityHangmoySingkawangand the best placefor visitors toenjoy thenatural beauty ofthe naturalforest.


Cap Go Meh


Cap Go Meh is the culture of Chinese society performed on day 15 after the Chinese New Year. Singkawang based travel information, gold mining Monterdo of epidemic due to lack of health facilities, believed to be caused by evil people. To fix this, or Loya Tatung took to the streets, in and out of village accompanied by drums and burning aloes continuously in order to fight the evil spirits attack and a peaceful society. This celebration is an attraction for local and foreign tourists to see the culture of Chinese society.


Places to eat in Singkawang


Dangau Stall


Dangau stallofferingdeliciousanddifferent whenvisitors are inSingkawang precisely located onDiponegoro Streetand not onlylocal residentsbut also thefavoritestallsvisited by touristsfrom outsideSingkawang. Pacripineappleis asignature dishis thecurrystallloom ismade ​​frompineapple. Pacripineappleis atypicalauthenticMalaycuisinevegetarian. CurrycrabandsautéeddishesfernsbecameanotherofthepopularDangau stall mainstay, andan attractionthat visitorsrevisited.




Longsandbeachnotonly offersstunningviews of the beachand are remarkable forthe clarity ofthe sea waterand therighttimetoenjoy the sunsetbutalsooffers a varietyof seafood ina variety ofrestaurant, food stalls and cafes. Seafood isamain dishforthe visitorswitha delicious flavor.

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