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How to shop online without a credit card

Technology has attained to the extreme levels of success and it has offered us many new ways of making our life easy and comfortable. Same thing is happened in the field of shopping. Today shopping is as easy as playing games on the computer, I think quite easier than playing games too. You just need to go to the online websites and thus you can easily choose required items and purchase them. Off-course credit cards play a major role in online shopping, but there are many people in this world, who don’t have credit cards. So how these people will do online shopping? If you are also among those people and want to know how to shop online without a credit card, then just follow given ways.

Use your ATM card

  • As you will click on any item for purchasing it, you will get many options of payment. In those options you will see credit card payment, and there will also be a debit card payment option.
  • Click on debit card payment option, and website will ask you to enter your ATM card number.
  • Enter your ATM card number and then enter the CWE number along with expiry date of ATM.
  • Your payment will be deducted from your ATM account and you will not need credit card for it.

Using PayPal account

  • PayPal is a payment making website, which allows you to do transaction across the world. Whether you are in your own country or in any other country, you can make payment for anything using your PayPal account.
  • Create an account on the PayPal.
  • Now provide your bank details to the PayPal website so that it can be linked with your bank account.
  • Make payment through your PayPal account.

Cash shopping

  • Whatever thing you want to purchase, order it in cash on delivery mood.
  • First select the items you want to purchase and add them in your basket.
  • Go for next process of providing the address.
  • Items will be delivered in two to three days and you can make hand to hand payment.
  • If you have seen any fault in items so you can reject them too.

Above mentioned all three methods are workable to do online shopping without using the credit card. Many people follow these methods and make payment for their purchased goods.

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