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Samarinda indonesia travel guide
Samarinda indonesia travel guide

Samarinda indonesia travel guide

Samarinda indonesia travel guide

Samarinda is the capital of the province of East Kalimantan with a total area of 718 square kilometres with a population of 726,223 that makes this city the most populous city in Kalimantan. Samarinda city can be reached by three ways, namely, sea, land and air. Kutai tribes inhabited Samarinda, banjo, Dayak, Bugis, Javanese, Toraja, Sundanese, Minang, and Chinese. The majority of the population is Muslim city of Samarinda is the language of daily conversation in Indonesian, Banjar and Kutai language.


Trough the Samarinda travel guide, Samarinda comes from the word Samarenda that means the same degree, and there is no difference between nobles and non-nobles. Low the same or equivalent terms appropriate to the circumstances or location of land, which consists of lowlands and fertile rice fields. With the proper guide, visitors can see the history of the city of Samarinda and its development until today. Lots of water tourism, religious tourism and historic buildings can be trace, and explore while visitors in Samarinda.


When you book hotels in Samarinda, visitors are greeted by friendly and warmly welcomed by the hotel clerk and comfort like at home. Samarinda city’s economic growth to bring change to the industry of hospitality and tourism, especially when everyone has a strong interest in exploring the vibrant city of Samarinda. A variety of hotels available with the best facilities for the visitors while in Samarinda. While staying at the hotel in Samarinda, visitors can get a proper guide to besiege the city of Samarinda.


According to the Samarinda travel information, Samarinda tropical climate with temperatures of 20-34 degrees Celsius with the best time to visit this city is during the year. Religious tourism, nature, and culture can be an option for visitors to know Samarinda further. Mahakam Bridge is connecting Samarinda city is cleaved Mahakam River that was originally used as a traditional water transport, Tambangan and Ketinting.


Places to stay in Samarinda


Swiss Bellhotel


Swiss Bellhotel located in the Mulawarman street provides 4 types of rooms with excellent facilities and high comfort. Visitors will be greeted hotel staff with friendly service and warm with a bandage dress tradition as a starting point Samarinda introduction to Samarinda culture to visitors. Fast and reliable service at some facilities such as, a coffee shop, restaurant, bar, and pub ready to meet the needs of today’s visitors want to enjoy a special meal. Jacuzzi and spa are available to relieve fatigue with reliable staff in the field. Transfers airport / hotel on time ready to serve visitors.


Bumi Senyiur Hotel


Bumi Senyiur hotel is located in the Pangeran Diponegoro Street by offering 4 types of rooms, the room spacious and well equipped guest rooms. Earth Senyiur hotel not only offers the convenience of temporary housing while in Samarinda but brought visitors taste the fine cuisine of renowned chef from restaurant Japan, china, Europe up with Indonesian food. Swimming pool, water sports, massage, sauna, and spa specially prepared for visitors who want to relax. Remarks and hotel services that satisfy the main goal for the convenience of visitors during the stay at the Bumi Senyiur hotel.


Mesra Business & Resort Hotel


Mesra Business & Resort hotel provides 305 rooms and 2 types of rooms, located on Pahlawan Street offers comfortable and quiet Inn that actually equipped with luxurious and classy. Coffee shop, restaurant, service 24h, laundry service, and internet access is available to meet the needs and comfort during their stay. Transfer airport / hotel pick up and drop off that available for hotel guests with a distance of 2km on time. Mesra business and resort hotels provide high-quality facilities to provide guest satisfaction during your stay.


Aston Hotel


Aston hotel is located 1 kilometer from the city center, exactly in the way Prince Hidayatullah provides 99 rooms with 4 types of rooms that include luxurious amenities and world class. The indoor pool, restaurant, bar, coffee shop, 24h, internet access, tour packages are offered to provide comfort while in Samarinda. Some kids play facility dedicated to the comfort and enjoyment of children. Aston hotel with the best in class services and facilities for your business and pleasure needs.


Popular things to do and see in Samarinda


Red soil Waterfalls


Red soil waterfalls within 14km from Samarinda city center is a spot attraction for families equipped a pavilion to rest. Visitors can reach the red soil waterfalls by car or motorcycle. Red soil waterfalls offer views of natural and pollution-free. Visitors can enjoy a refreshing waterfall, and closer to nature.


Pampangcultural area


Pampang cultural area is located 20km from the city of Samarinda, a cultural tourist area to watch the Dayak Kenyah life. With the right guide and tour, visitors can see traditional houses Dayak, Dayak dances and ceremonies Dayak Kenyah. Cultural and traditional Dayak Kenyah are interesting to trace and draw a lot of attention of tourists, both local and international.


BindWeavingCraftsSarong Samarinda


Conveniently located 8km from the town of Samarinda precisely in the bung tomo is a tourist attraction that shows the process of making traditional Samarinda sarongs. Crafts woven sarongs brought by immigrants from Sulawesi Bugis tribe who settled in the left side of the Mahakam. Visitors can see how the holster using the traditional tools Gedokan that takes 3 weeks to produce one piece of traditional sarong with the best quality.


Islamic Center Mosque


Mosque Islamic Center is religious tourism in Samarinda, which is the magnificent and the second largest mosque in Southeast Asia after Istiqlal Mosque.  Mosque Islamic Center offers an incredible view as being on the edge of the Mahakam river with an area 43,500 square meters.  Visitors can see the beauty of the Mahakam River in the night wrapped in dazzling sparkling lights.


Places to eat in Samarinda


Borneo Restaurant


Conveniently located in the KH Abdul Hasan is a restaurant that serves fresh seafood and delicious. The best dishes served are trakulu grilled fish, fried food and condiment typical of tempting Samarinda. With the right guide and the guide, visitors can enjoy fresh seafood at affordable prices.


Bumi Senyiur Restaurant


When a visitor entering the bumi Senyiur restaurant, will offer a variety of the best dishes from various countries such as Japanese food, Europe and Indonesia. In the hands of  reliable and professional chefs, all provided special dishes to satisfy visitors tongue.


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