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Top 10 Sagittarius Traits-Positive and Negative Characteristics

Top 10 Sagittarius Traits-Positive and Negative Characteristics

Sun sign plays a cardinal role in human life if your sun sign is Sagittarius, so you have some Sagittarius Traits. There we are discussing the Sagittarius Traits in positive and a negative way. This is the one of zodiac sun sign. Ruling planet of this sun sign is Jupiter, and Sagittarius Traits is many. They have frank nature, fearless attitude, and so on. From them many of tend to remain in their own world. Jupiter is the solar system of them and this planet rule over this sun sign.

Many other things are they are a lover of freedom; they tend to be free as sovereign as well as self-appreciation. There is some other fact for them like the lucky color, lucky stone, lucky day etc. so well this is the time to know about the all lucky things as follows lucky color is Violet, Purple, Red, Pink and lucky day is Thursday and lucky number is 3,12,21,30 and lucky stone is Amethyst and Topaz. Here some positive quality is Generosity, Altruism, Fearlessness, Self-reliance, Love for nature, Love for travelling. Negative things are Overconfidence, Bluntness, Brashness, Inconsistency, Lack of concentration, Overconfidence.

There are Top 10 Sagittarius Traits-Positive and Negative Characteristics

  1. Optimistic

This is the positive quality of the Sagittarius. They are the people like energetic and enthusiastic. They can solve any problem in few mints. They peoples are very good optimistic power. This is the positive characteristic of Sagittarius Traits. Jupiter is the powerful planet of Sagittarius sun sign that make the people confident to doing any work. This is not a common thing in every human kind but the lucky people with Sagittarius sun sign.

  1. Straightforward

They are very straightforward type of people, and this is also the one of positive characteristics. They peoples will call a spade to spade. If they do not understand anything, they comment at the same time like what is it? This is the one of Sagittarius Traits. This is very popular sun sign, and they are got famous position in them work. This nature sometimes included in the bad attitude.

  1. Intellectual

They peoples are so intelligent by birth and intellectual by birth. This is the one of Zodiac Sign and them peoples growth in them life in a higher position. They are very bright and intellectual peoples they got popularity in them life. They have impressive communication and presentation power. They have knowledge about more subjects. This is the one of positive Sagittarius Traits. In this world intelligence is a vital part of the life.

  1. Philosophical

They have very strong morality and ethics. They love to share them view in front of anyone. They are belief over the religious mostly. They poples like to share its view and like to comment over other’s view without any doubt. They peoples are kind of philosophical. This is the amazing Sagittarius Traits.

  1. Adventurous

They are adventurous, loving peoples and interested to moving the side of adventure. They always attract the side of that kind of enjoyment. This is the one of Sagittarius Traits. This is a very amazing point about this sun sign. Those peoples believe over the enjoyment and for joy. This is the part of fun also. This is the point of pride and joy kind in the life.

Negative Characterstics

  1. Tactless

They are very honest, but this is the other part of this Sagittarius. They are sometimes tactless, and they have no idea for doing the work. They are the honest type of human kind. Sometimes they behave tactlessly and this is the one of negative Sagittarius Traits. This is not a positive thing and need of change in a good manner.

  1. Careless

Careless is always a bad thing for peoples and in family and friend group everyone need of the caring and concern for them side. Them careless nature attracts criticism from all the side. This is the negative thing of Sagittarius Traits. In this situation where peoples sometimes lost they respect in front of everyone from this behavior. This is the negative behavior of them, and this is not the included in a good attitude. Sometimes they need to change this behavior the side of other.

  1. Inconsistent

They neither are nor like to stay in the same level and change quit. They are very inconsistent type of people, and they like to change everything in life. They want the enjoyment. Consistency is required in the life and work and daily routine. If you don’t flow in a consistent life so there you must be going to the travel. This is also the one of the negative characteristic of Sagittarius Traits. Inconsistent is the bitter thing of human nature that is one of negative prospect of life that need of change. This negative prospect is also the part of Sagittarius Traits.

  1. Restlessness

They peoples are not able to resting about anything or any work. They are people who allure the side of restless always. This is the one of bad tactic for this Sagittarius Traits. They have the phobia of its work, and they do not concern about energy /direction. Rest is also very needy part of life, but they don’t think about this side. They always want to enjoy in the busy side. That is not a positive way as well that is the side of negative way of Sagittarius Traits.


The Sagittarius sun sign peoples are just like the overconfident behavior. This is the one of negative thing of the Sagittarius Traits. But that can’t be negated by them because this is the cause of Jupiter planet. Jupiter always affected over there. If they think to remove this in a positive way, they don’t able for this. This negative thing is going to the bad side because that directly effected on your work and your vital relations. They really need your concern and love. If you are having in this thing so just try to change it.

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