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Rulers in History

Top 10 Rulers in History

Each one is known many rulers has ruled in the different-different country so here were taking some of the names who is the top and famous Rulers in History and still them a name is famous in this world. World’s history is very vast and many rulers are there who ruled very well and few rules are made the history and few rules have famous as the freedom fighter and inside it few females name is also situated. Our world history is amazing they’re we have to watch different kind of rules and the different kind of the technique to ruled out.

The ruling technique is not the easy task and everyone has not perfect in this kind of the work but few rules have not aware how to ruled and how to manage the public. So there was that kind of many complications has arrived where many rulers had been fail and not ruled for a long time. But few rulers made the history and they are famous inside the top most Rulers in History and in the magazines and books we got to find them the name and we can learn a lot of things online also.

See the top most Rulers in History:

  1. Hitler

Hitler, world’ top most ruler and famed as the very hard Rulers in History. He was the creator of Nazi Party and he was responsible for the mass genocide  and its during the World War II. He was a very crucial type of the ruler and Germany was suffering from many crises when Hitler had the rose of power and that time Hitler was also the Chara mistic leader and he made the very strict rules for all and that time everyone want to free by his ruling power.

  1. Odysseus

Odysseu was worked as the Greek mythology and Odysseu was a famous Greek kind in the Ithaca and top most Rulers in History. Odysseu had many great achievements and immortalized in Homer’s epic. Odysseu very intelligent and cunning ruler of Greek and he has an ability to manage the Trojans during the Trojan War and that time he was hiding his soldiers inside the wooden horse which was built by Odysseu.

  1. Caesar

Caesar is famous with the name of Augustus and he was the great Rulers in History. In fact, he was the first emperor of the Roman Empire and he was ruled from 27 BC to 14 AD that was until his assassination. He has established the unfamiliar peace and quiet era which is also known as the Pax Romana. Caesar had the total power but he didn’t use his power in the wrong way and always trying to quietly manage the public.

  1. Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great is a great king and he is also famous inside the world as the great Rulers in History and also known for the brutal and legendary military tactics. Well, each one is well known by the Alexander and he had the best ruler who famous around the world for his intelligence. He was very successful kind and silent is spread when he walked away but he was quite simple and good ruler.

  1. Joseph II

Joseph II is very famous and a kind of the Holy Roman Emperor from 1765 to 1790.  He is also famed through the great and intelligent Rulers in History and was the starter of the Austrian dominions as the ruler and ruler of the House of Lorraine. Via historical view Joseph II is also famous as the unselfish ruler and he always gave the support the needy one and has very clear rules. People always respect him and still people respect the Joseph II because his history is very clean.

  1. Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan was the most famous brutal leader and famous as the good Rulers in History. He was the very successful ruler of the world and he was the founder of Mongol Empire which was the most powerful forces in the world. Genghis Khan has made up the great and powerful military strategies and tactics and that’s because he got the powerful position in the history and people always respecting him. He has spread the nomadic tribes in Asia.

  1. Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I has most popular as the queen of England and she is also famous in the world as the great Rulers in History. Elizabeth I has ruled in England and Ireland from 1558 since her death and a long time she was the great ruler. She was famous as the Virgin Queen because according to the fact she never depended on the king but she better ruled as compared to the king.

  1. Charlemagne

Charlemagne was also a famed king of Franks from 768 to his death and also listed under the world’s top Rulers in History. He had the much larger record in the history is about the accomplishments  where he proved his worth and he single to expanded and united the Frankish kingdoms. He has also very powerful kingdom and great faithful Empire and has associated with the Carolingian Renaissance.

  1. Napoleon

Napoleon is the powerful ruler of France  and after that known as Emperor Napoleon and also a vital part of the Rulers in History. He has the very large and prominent military and he was also the political leader of France. He has the great influenced European politics in the 19th century and he was dominated continental Europe. He was various positive things around the history which are uncountable.

  1. Abraham Lincoln

No one can forget the Abraham Lincoln because through many facts he is still alive. Abraham Lincoln was a famous Rulers in History in the world and was the 16th president of the United States. He control the country due to his internal struggle and protect the country through Civil War. He was the very successful leader who gracefully preserved the union and said the United States would divide into two part.

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