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Religious Figures
Religious Figures

Top 10 Religious Figures in the world

Top 10 Religious Figures in the world

In this world, we know that various religions are present and in few countries people alive as the union like India. And few countries are particular for some religions but there has also the authority to live another country’s people but few legal authority need to proceed. Well, apart from that here we are having the wonderful concept about the Religious Figures which is really needed to know by each one and know the real meaning of it. So through this article, we will get some Religious Figures value inside the world and there are few names also mention who figure out the Religious.



Lots of founders we can see in our history who is founded the Religious Figures and give the different definition about Religious to the whole world. Its very wonderful thing ever because they made the history and still many followers are present in different religious which really the interesting thing. That history as along with 100 approx and more than it the year ago. Through the Religious Figures, many people have been checking the how much religion are present in the world and how it is Figures out in the world.

Top 10 Religious Figures in the world:

  1. Christian Science (1821-1910)

Christian Science is very vast subject inside the term of Religious Figures and many people are known through this religion and people have to also know about this religious founder name is Mary Baker Eddy. Well, the timing of it is 1821 to 1910 and it was very longest time for this single one religious. Well, this is a very powerful religion of the world and this is an impact of American religious on belief.

  1. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (1805-1844)

This is most Religious Figures of the world and started from 1805 to 1844 and its main leader of Joseph Smith, Jr. and this is from the first half of the nineteenth century. This is also a largest during of this Figures of Religious. There the one man theory was raised and he called as the prophet of God and Joseph Smith, Jr. had started the religious and he was gave people much knowledge about the humanity and real world of the human and Religious.

  1. Judaism (circa 1391-1271 BCE)

This is filled with the famous and most important prophets and leaders from Kings David and Solomon and Moses is very famous part of the Religious Figures. That era was from circa 1391-1271 BCE and leader was various followers that time. That religion was spread on the western side as well as there philosophy follow his ten commandments. This Figures made the history of Religious in the world.

  1. Christianity (1483-1546)

Each one is known about the Christianity so here the Christianity duration is 1483 to 1546 has very long time. There are famous Religious Figures is this Christianity and its founder is Martin Luther who gave this religion to a direction as the leader. Martin Luther has worked for this religion as the one man power and he was a great philosopher also. Martin Luther has supported the modern Christianity in the world and still he is having the great role in the history books.

  1. Zoroastrianism (18th and 6th centuries BCE)

Zoroastrianism came from the Zoroaster and also called the name of Zarathustra. Zarathustra has found the historically acknowledged world religion and spread it through the name Zoroastrianism. Well, this is a secreted book of Zend Avesta and name is Zoroastrianism. It’s really have to create the different meaning of religion in front of all the people in the whole world. That was started on 18th and 6th centuries BCE.

  1. Confucianism (551-479 BCE)

Confucianism is the famous Chinese name and religion and here the religion leader name is Confucius who was started it from 551-479 BCE. It’s very famous part of this religion and Confucius was idea eventually developed which is about into the system of philosophy known as Confucianism and this is also famous in the part of Religious Figures. It introduced to Europe via Italian Jesuit Matteo Ricci etc.

  1. Ancient religious((circa 3228-3102 BCE)

This region is just like the Buddha but started from the Krishna and started from the circa 3228-3102 BCE. This is famous by the name of the Ancient Religious Figures and there the leader of Krishna. This time also was very famous and true ancient time and that time energy was positively and whole India has followed this religion and respected the leader of Ancient Religious.

  1. Buddhism (circa 563-483 BCE)

Buddhism is world’s top religion and that was highlighted on the time from circa 563-483 BCE and the leader of this Buddhism religion Buddha. Buddha is the metaphor for spiritual enlightenment as well as wisdom and its very famous part of the world. Buddhism has the various follower and he gave the real definition of the Religious Figures and approx nearly 400 million adherents worldwide.

  1. Monotheistic Religions(571-632 CE)

Monotheistic Religions came on duration is 571-632 CE and their impact is middle-aged merchant turned mystic turned on the Religious Figures. In the world million of the people are live and there many people has followed this religion and its very wonderful part of the world. The rapid spread of Islam which is throughout the then known world and this is most stridently monotheistic religions around the world. Many people had got the true feeling to follow this religion and its very largest community at this time.

  1. Christianity (circa 7 BCE-36 CE)

Billions of the people have followed this Christianity religion from circa 7 BCE-36 CE and they are heartily believed on Christianity. There was the leader of Jesus of Nazareth and he have the various follower and he represent the real nature of god. This Religious Figure was also got the Roman authority and its amazing part of the world. There are Honorable mentions are Lao-Tzu, Isaiah, Paul of Tarsus etc. that was the biggest force in the first century Christianity.

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