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Search Engine Optimization Services
Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization Services

Real Prospective of Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization Services is now the top most services known by the name of Digital Marketing. Search Engine Optimization Services is now the top most business in the world. Due to the SEO services, everyone has made the business around the world. Each one is aware through the SEO but few people have well known the real technique which is really working on the business and give the positive review. In SEO having many important perspective which is needed to know by each and everyone who really want to spread the business at the top level.

What the real technique about the Search Engine Optimization Services:

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it’s also known by the name of the Digital Marketing but inside the few words like SEO and Digital marketing having many approaches for doing the work impressive. Search Engine Optimization Services has largely insisted the growth of any business on the top of the Google. Well, in brief, each one is known by the part of SEO who is aware by the SEO. SEO having two main parts are:

  • Off Page SEO
  • On Page SEO

Those both are made SEO perfect but lake of the knowledge many people has to go the side of “Black Hat SEO” which give the fast result but the wrong direction to the business. So doesn’t use the Black Hat SEO for your business for secure the business in the large level?  Off Page Search Engine Optimization Services is the technique where we have to make the backlinks for the website. Sometimes people have to confuse about how to make it, so no need to worry and just follow us for the basic information about Off Page SEO and how to do this:

Firstly we have to introduce about the activities in Off Page SEO:

Directory Submission

Directory submission is the great activity for Off Page SEO but there are no guarantees to the link back approaches. In this service, the basic content requirement is like title, URL, and description as well as Tags/keywords for example:


Title: SEO Service by XYZ Company

Description: It’s based on the title and company URL!

The top site of the Directory is Dmoz so need to firstly put the business website in the Dmoz directory.

Social Bookmarking Submission

Submission technique is same as the directory and same content we can use to put the social bookmarking sites. But here we made the account in the social bookmarking sites and then need to do sign in inside the site and then put the detail of Homepage and internal pages inside the sites. Best sites for Social Bookmarking is Reddit, Delicious, Digg etc.

Business Profile Listing

Profile listing is also a kind of the backlinks but here we give the information about the business for other via the particular business profile sites and it’s high approach to growing our business very well. Here we need to the site like LookupPage etc.

Local Business Listing

It’s very-very important activity in Off page SEO because this makes the backlink in the local business sites as well as worldwide. Local business also is known by the name of local citation and  its very important to promote the business and its make the perfect backlink for our business. The most prominent local business site is Hotfrog.

Article Promotion

Article promotion is the most popular way to get the backlinks on our sites because that link has been rarely dead and if we can be done the article on top sites so that will be the most effective kind of the backlinks. The most popular site of the article is Ezine article. One think always required to know article should the unique and title, the body always should the standard count according to site and Google perspective.

Press release Promotion

Press release is the most prominent way to make the backlinks but fake press release always gives the negative impact for the sites. So press release always the true news. Well many people have been confusing about the press release so will firstly introduce about the press release, actually, it is the kind of the news about the company and that news like the spark about the company.

Blog Promotion and Creation

Each one is very well known about the blog and bloggers because now the world many of the blogger are present but after that many people has confused about the blog. So a blog is the one kind of the thing or experience which we can share with others by writing in a few words. Well, the most vital blog sites are,, etc.

That’s the basic activities in Off Page SEO now we can turn to the side of On-Page SEO!

Well On Page SEO is the most important and sometimes technical part of SEO and digital marketing and here people have to know and doing the thing carefully so there are some of the activities which we can share with all about On-Page SEO!

Site Analysis

It’s the first step and activities in the On Page SEO and here the expert has to analyse the whole site and compare it via minimum five top competitor and according to that analyse all the thing and suggest the developer about the technical issue like H1 Tags, dynamic and static URL, check the duplicate content on the site etc.

Keywords Research

There On Page SEO expert still search the keyword according to the website services and always trying to keep the keywords medium competitor and trying to catch the bunch of long tail, short tail, and medium tail keywords. Because that kind of the keyword can easily push up on the top and easily able to grow up the business services.

Content Optimization

Contact optimization is also a very important part of the On Page SEO and inside that whole content will optimize and get the thing like content is regarding of the service or not as well as also check the uniqueness of the content. Here will check the meta tags and meta description also etc.

Other activities are Meta Tag and Meta description, sitemap, URL optimization, Canonical tag etc. Well, watch the some more real Search Engine Optimization Services perspective in the next article and second part of this article!

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