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Persuasive TV Ads

Top 10 Persuasive TV Ads

After the Television was invented commercials came into existence and then it got expanded by some infomercials. Then the television shows were started giving short breaks in between the shows, they made the advertising industry to grow big and make it their main advantage to grow their business more. It is seen that now a days ads are becoming more annoying than ever, some of the best examples of it are of more like products of skin care, physical fitness to the virtual ones, as there is no such thing on which ads cannot be made as for the directors of now a days and in doing that they make really persuasive ads of things which didn’t even truly exist. The best Persuasive TV Ads and common thing are that they both make money, I mean persuasive ads and the makers. Whatever may people think but these ads are far greater than the reality we know and as we know science can prove anything then no it can’t at least for this fact. So here is a list of top 10 Persuasive TV Ads.

In the below list top 10 Persuasive TV Ads:

  1. Proactiv

Initially, the product was created by two dermatologists, In 1994 the company started selling proactive via an infomercial and had moved on to shopping malls, kiosks and online websites that graduated the product to sell more and more. It was an acne treatment which was promoted by some really high profiled spokespersons named Justin Beiber, Lindsay Lohan, Katy Perry, Vanessa Williams, and Jessica Simpson and no one has a single clue that these guys had ever acne in their life. The company claimed that they achieved a goal of 10 million consumers of their product, Proactiv. As it sounded clear by the high profiled promoters that the ad of the product actually comes in the lists of Persuasive TV Ads of all time.

  1. Nair

It was a product made by Church & Dwight Co. Inc which is a depilatory cream made for searing it off your body in a moment of time. The company made it for both the male and female. At that time, there were no creams available for hair removal and people are not ready to use a shaver. So the people were interested in giving this a chance to change the old and traditional methods of hair removal and it became popular in the depilatory field of market.

The ad was so persuasive showing how it works and some other tactics but it was made clear that the ad came on the top of the lists of Persuasive TV Ads.

  1. George Foreman Grill

A.K.A George Foreman Lean, Mean, Fat-lowering Grilling Machine. The product started gaining popularity since its arrival in 1994. The company said 80 million units were sold to date. The renowned said that revenues were high enough that made his career box earning exceeded. The TV commercial featured the big George wearing an apron that attracted more buyers. This made the show one of the Persuasive TV Ads.

  1. Jack Lalanne’s Power Juicer

There is no shortage of juicer, mixer and grinder television ads ( such as Juiceman, Juice Master etc.), it’s a bit hard to choose one; because, there are many  ads available out here but this is only a ten item list and I can’t just fill it with juicers and mixers. All the credits have been given to Jack, then, not just because of his commitment to health and fitness for eternity, but also due to the fact that, at the age of 94, he looks even better than many of 20 year-olds. The infomercial starred Jack dressed in his trade symbol blue astronaut pajamas, happily brewing up his thick swamp water-like concoctions while couch potatoes laying everywhere put down their sugar and sodium laden soft drinks, picked up their phones, and ordered a Power Juicer. As the Jack would say: “That’s the power of the Juice!”  But no, that is the power of Persuasive TV ads.

  1. Bowflex

The Bowflex body is a dream come true technology developed at least as what they say and of course yes  but actually it’s nothing more than about to having a daydream. After this power rod, they made a Spiralflex promising made from work of advanced technology and also said that it can control your minds as they submerged this within their TV ads. But instead all this was for nothing, they were nothing more than a coat rack for $1500, so in future they can say it’s of multiuse, lol. It was one of the Persuasive TV ads in the advertising market.

  1. The Q-Ray

It was everyone’s childhood dream of wearing magical rings and amulets that can grant them special powers to rule the supremacy of the world. But some still think of that and they are the customers of Q-Ray product. The Q-Ray made and ad that their bracelet can give the person wearing it supreme powers even they can track people suffering from pain and can provide help. For this false ad, US government charged QT Inc, the developers of the bracelet 16 million to pay back consumers for false advertising. Still some of the unspecified living people from this world are buying them don’t know why and this hell thing made this a best fit for the title most Persuasive TV ads.

  1. The ShamWow

No one gets excited by hearing absorbent towels but if you ever saw this ad then  you may become one. It was shooted in the summer of 2007 for $20000 and the person who made this ad was the famous writer, comedian, and director Vince Offer, eventually a person whose last name is offer you cannot say what he can offer actually. The ad gained much popularity out of spite and comes in the list of Persuasive TV ads.

  1. The Gazelle

If you’ll watch this ad from a ball cap wearing blonde sporting Tony Little approaches critical mass and as he becomes less capable of controlling his enthusiasm, you’ll probably say the world is full of guilty pleasures like that. And that’s what makes it come in the most Persuasive Ad.

  1. The Clapper

Who wants to waste his time anyway, and if you get to know something which saves your time by turning switches off of lights by just clapping, you’ll probably say you need that. Here’s what the company says about the clapper, which is made to save the pain and valuable time of older citizens by providing a facility like this. You will also see the power of the clapper ad jingle which delights you up to the afterlife. These things make this a Persuasive TV ad of all time.

  1. Slendertone System Abs

In this age who doesn’t wants a six pack ripped body like the extras of the movie 300 and for people who don’t want a long journey to become like that, Slendertone is here that can make you look like just the same by just using this belt for 40 minutes a day and 3 times a week  and that’s just no time. This product made its offering quite successful in the market by selling 2.5 million units. And the ad which makes it do that came in the 5th top ones from Persuasive TV ads.

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