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The Paris under Attack
The Paris under Attack

The Paris under Attack

Information about the Paris under Attack

No one is unknown about the Paris because Paris is a beautiful place of France and a most iconic city which is the part of tourist attraction. The crowd is always being there and Eiffel tower is the world famous tower situated in the Paris so that’s the fact because the terrorist attack did. But due to attack which did here has claimed the Islamic states which were places has used by ordinary people.



They had planned to attack like the more effective method to place the terror and polarizing communities and politicians were in the line of fire. After the Paris under Attack then the Russian tourists heading came back from Egypt. Well, the Paris attack is was very well planned attack because very sharply terrorist did the blasts.

What is actually Paris under Attack?

Paris attack done in 14th November 2015 and bomber targeted the restaurants, concert hall, sports stadiums which are in Paris. They were killed 127 people during that attack and after that the statement from the side of the President Francois Hollande that was work of Islamic State (IS). There was some of the unconfirmed report also displayed as 150 around people have been in the coordinated terror attacks. The assumption is pointing the huge group of terrorist from the Islamic country and responsibly claimed to the Islamic Country for that attack.  In one of the official statement, the bomber strapped with suicide bombing belts and they are also carrying machine guns also to the planning for attacking in various locations which is the center of Paris and which is an iconic location of Paris.

In the concert hall by the official report told 11 people had dead during the Paris Attack and in Paris restaurants in as three people were killed when bomb blast did. Much of the reports said the ISIS is behind of the Paris under Attack because that was the biggest organization who trained the people of terrorism.

By the words of President Barack Obama of the USA such as “outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians” and he called that attacked by the name of “heartbreaking situation” and “attack on all of the humanity”. In the side of Stade de France stadium which is situated in North Paris, there were two suicide attacks as well as bombing which has killed at least three people. That was the bitter moment for Paris and all around the world is getting in red alert after done that all attacking situation because that was unpredictable.

Badly the Syria is taken by the ISIS and they overtaken the Syria which was very bitter moment for that country and after the Paris under Attack, the next of the Day Paris has been decided to attack ISIS and all the European country is give the attention to Paris and supporting them for finishing the ISIS as soon as possible but now the result is waiting what will happen in few next years. Well, this is the very greatest step to finish the terrorism from all around the world and ISIS is very crucial organization of the terrorist world.

Key Factors of the Attack:

  1. Toll above 100 in at least 6 attacks
  2. Over 100 killed at Bataclan Hall
  3. ISIS claims responsibility of terror attacks in Paris
  4. 8 attacker’s dead, including 7 by suicide belts
  5. 28th terror attack to kill more than 100 since 2001
  6. A city-wide curfew has been enacted, the first in Paris since 1944

When we are talking about the Paris and Syria so Paris is economically very strong but the Syria is facing many of the crucial problem and economy conditions is also very complex here. Well, the Paris has got many small attacks like incident is high-speed train in August which is American travelers and that attacked is via heavily armed man. In the Paris attack a one women name is also there and who is involved in the attack from the ISIS organization and she is Fidayeen. When police were tried to catch the terrorist then the women had self-blast herself. She was called by the name of White widow and that was a very shocking part about her.

Paris under Attack is the very sensitive matter where people had been scared during all the stuff which did in Paris because that was the huge terrorist attack and people had died here. That moment was very bitter and bad for Paris, but Paris is not sacred through that attack in fact next day Paris gets the instant steps against to ISIS. That step is very appreciating for the Paris because there they will try to finish the terrorism from a whole of the world and keep the lesion in front of terrorist.

The first time ISIS have on the stage where they thing they did to followed the wrong step to attack against to Paris. Because, after the attack in Paris, they are decided to kill the ISIS and they are planning to remove them from the world. Now everyone needs to know the name of attackers and everyone is worried about the security but everyone need to get the risk and need to support them on countries against to the terrorist. There all countries need the support of general public and trying to move to the happiest atmosphere.

Well, each one praying to sort out that problem as soon as possible and no one is wearing the next attack because that previous experience was very hard for all. Like Paris attack, the sometimes same attack was done in India in Mumbai that was a serial attack. There were many people has been died and very bitter moment for Indian and the whole world. There everyone is stuck on the next step of Paris what they will doing against to the terrorism and hope they could be getting the positive value because that is very necessary for the whole world.

Let’s see what does the next and pray for the positive reports because it is very required.



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