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Palembang indonesia travel guide
Palembang indonesia travel guide

Palembang indonesia travel guide

Palembang indonesia travel guide

Palembang is one city in Sumatera with an area of ​​102.47 square kilometers, and a population of 1,451,059 inhabitants. Palembang is known by other names Sriwijaya earth because the city has been the capital of history’s largest Buddhist maritime kingdoms of Southeast Asia and the oldest city in Indonesia. The development of construction in the city of Palembang is slow but with the holding of PON or national sports Fair, Palembang development progressing rapidly. The majority of the Palembang local population is Muslim who followed other religions such as Catholicism, Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism. Palembang citizens are ethnic Malay, and Malay languages have adapted to local dialect known as Palembang language.


Through the Palembang travel guide, it said that Palembang is one of the centers of the Srivijaya. In 1025, the city is only a port that does not mean for traders because of the attack of the Chola kingdom. In 1659, the Palembang appears as Sultanate, but in 1823, Palembang sultanate removed by the Dutch government that resulted in the city is divided into two areas, namely, Ilir and Ulu. Musi River is a river in Palembang that separates between Ulu and Ilir areas that could traverse through Ampera Bridge. Based Palembang travel guide, visitors can find a unique and ethnic culture living in Palembang and form communities such as, Chinese descent, Arabic and Indian.


When you book hotels in Palembang, the hotel will offer attractive facilities for exploring the city of Palembang angle with the right guide. With the proper guide, tourists can visit the village of Kapitan, which is the Chinese community and the village of Al Munawwar, Kampung Al Ethiopia, Kuto Stone that is the Arab community.  Lots of history and points of interest that can be traced in various corners of the city of Palembang. Star hotels are available to provide comfort to the visitors during the Palembang.


According to the Palembang travel information, Palembang which can be considered strategic because it passed by the causeway that connects the different regions of Sumatra, Sumatra. With a tropical climate makes this city can be visited throughout the year. As the oldest city in Indonesia, the number of immigrants with different cultures makes Palembang said to be a multicultural city. Based Palembang travel information, songket textiles are one of the world’s best of the kingdom of Srivijaya.


Places to stay in Palembang


Aston Palembang Hotel


Aston Palembang Hotel is located in the Basuki Rahmat Street – Ilir east by the number of rooms 163 and 4 types of rooms include luxury amenities, modern and fully equipped. Visitors will be greeted with a friendly greeting from the staff and the hotel interior luxury hotel that delivers comfort. 24h room service, free wireless internet, mini bar, room safe and LCD TV are available in every hotel room for visitor satisfaction. Excellent service provided to visitors who want to use the spa services, massage, swimming pool or fitness facility.


Aryaduta Hotel


Aryaduta Palembang hotel offers a unique and distinct pleasure to visitors while staying with 4 types of rooms numbered 171. The hotel is carefully designed to provide comfort with the selection of decor and luxurious rooms and full facilities. Coffee shop, bar, pub, meeting facilities, laundry service, transfer airport / hotel, 24-hour room service and more are provided for visitor satisfaction. Aryaduta Hotel selecting appropriate facilities for high comfort for visitors, whether tourists or business people.


Sintesa Peninsula Hotel


Sintesa Peninsula Hotel is located on the Resident Abdul Rozak – Ilir eastern offering amazing views Ampera Bridge at night. With 84 rooms and 5 room types available to suit your needs and budget visitors. 24h room service, disabled facilities, business center, family room, shops, pubs and others are provided to give comfort to the visitors. SintesaPeninsulahotelbringscomfort, cleanliness ofthe hotel, quick service and pricesaccordingly so thatis a good optionforvisitorswhile inPalembang.




The Arista Hotel   


TheAristaHoteloffers comfort, tranquilitytemporary sheltersin the citywithmodernarchitecture andfurnitureforvisitorswhile inPalembang.Thehotelhas 141roomsAristawithfive types ofroomswithluxurious amenitiesin every guest room. Restaurant, pool, family room, bar, children’s pool,a fitness center, massage, saunaand spaare availablefor comfort andsatisfaction ofvisitors.


Popular things to do and see in Palembang 


Musi RiverandAmpera Bridge


Musi River is a river with a length of 750km, which divides Palembang into two areas, namely Ilir and Ulu. The musi river is the lifeblood of the economy Palembang. Visitors can enjoy the attractions along the banks of the river that looks stunning when lit evening so add festive surroundings. Ampera Bridge linking the Ulu and Ilir along 1177 meters is a symbol of the city of Palembang that built using the spoils Japanese invaders and experts from Japan.


ArchaeologicalParkof Sriwijaya


Parkof ancientSrivijayais a relickingdom ofSrivijayaon the side ofthe riverMusi. This site isaproof ofthe existence ofwhichhadruled thekingdom of SrivijayahegemonyinIndonesia.There arealsoartificial channelsassociated with theMusiriverwhich is thought toregulateflooding andas a fortress. This areanot onlyoffers ahistory ofthe kingdom of Srivijayaarchaeologicalparkbutalsoprovidebeautifulpanoramic viewof the greenandsereneatmosphere.


Fort KutoBesak


FortKutoBesakahistoric buildingheritageof PalembangDarussalamSultanatelocated on thebanks ofthe Musi Riverand adjacent to thebridgeAmpera. KutoBesakfortis the onlyfortin Indonesia, whichbuiltthe stonewallsas defensefromattackEuropeans.


Places to eat in Palembang




The harmartabakrestaurantis one ofculinarymainstaythatservesmartabakIndia. MartabakHarestablishedsince 1947, located in theSudirman. This restaurantnot only providesmartabakIndiabutalso provideadeliciousfried riceandgoattempting.


Sri Melayu Restaurant


Sri Malay restaurant is one of popular restaurant that offers the feel melayu Palembang, located at Demat Leaf width Street and one favorite restaurant officials in Palembang. Fish Pindang become a mainstay dish from sri melayu restaurant with a little spicy and sour so fresh when eaten for lunch. Tempoyak catfish is also a mainstay restaurant in Palembang and famous to all over Indonesia.

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