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Palangkaraya indonesia travel guide
Palangkaraya indonesia travel guide

Palangkaraya indonesia travel guide

Palangkaraya indonesia travel guide

Palangkaraya is the capital of Central Kalimantan with an area of ​​2678.51 square kilometers and a home to 220,223 inhabitants. Palangkaraya population consists of ethnic Dayak, banjo, Bugis, Tionghoa, Javanese, Balinese and Batak. The majority of the religious affiliation of the city’s population is Islam, the language of daily conversation using the language Dayak, banjo and Indonesian. Palangkarayacan be reachedusingthe air,sea and landsomuch convenienceof business peopleand tourists while travelling tothis city.


Through thePalangkarayatravel guide,lots of information wereobtainedabout thehistory of thecityvisitorsPalangkaraya. The city isbuilt onwildsopenedthrough the Pahandut village, on the edge ofthe riverKahayan. Some of area at palangkarayacityis still forested, includingprotected forests, nature conservationandnational parksTangkiling. Palangkaraya been proposed to be the capital of Indonesia during the reign of President Suharto, because geographically it is located at the midpoint of Indonesia, has the layout of the city and has a large area.


When you book hotels in Palangkaraya, many changes in the development of hospitality toward the better, so that visitors can get special services and facilities while in Palangkaraya. Lots of interesting places and history that can be traced in Palangkaraya. The services of a tour of the hotel ready to take visitors to see the city Palangkaraya comfortable and quiet. Palangkaraya has an international-class hotel that can take pride in serving visitors, whether for business or pleasure.


According to the Palangkaraya travel information, Palangkaraya embryo is pahandut, which is a village. Pahandut comes from the Father Handut the one that opens the wilderness to serve as temporary housing village called Pahandut. Palangkaraya currently look lively when the festival held on the river boat Kahayan. Based Palangkaraya travel information, this city is an area that is not in the ring of fire earthquake so advantageous to be the capital of Indonesia. Settling the city is increasingly seen by many attractions, the hotel and tourism industry increased.


Places to stay in Palangkaraya


Aquarius Boutique Hotel


Aquarius Boutique Hotel is located in the Imam Bonjol Street with  110 rooms, and 3 types of rooms are comfortable, quiet and well-equipped facilities of international class. All rooms are designed with modern style with facilities, coffee shop, restaurant, meeting facilities, 24 hours room service, and laundry service for visitor satisfaction during your stay. Entertainment services available to the public, ranging from karaoke and nightclub to spend the night a challenging and fun. Spa, gym, sauna and swimming pool are provided for health and fitness guests. Aquarius Boutique hotel with exceptional service and a warm welcome hotel clerk are a good option for visitors who want to do business and pleasure.


Luwansa Hotel


Luwansa hotel offers comfort and strategic location on the G Obos is the best place to begin exploration visitors while in Palangkaraya. Meeting facilities, restaurant, babysitting, laundry service, and massage is luwansa facilities available in the hotel. 96 rooms with complete facilities in each room makes this a place of lodging for visitors who are look for comfort and convenient lodging locations in Palangkaraya.


Amaris Hotel


Amaris hotel is located in the S Parman Street were designed by adopting modern and stylish hotel offers a unique and different from other hotels. Amaris hotel offers stunning natural scenery and close to nature to provide a convenience for the visitors. Amaris hotel provides 63 rooms are designed in such a way that the type of superior room, which is the perfect place to explore Palangkaraya.


Swiss Belhotel Danum


Swiss Belhotel Danum not just offer a place to stay but a comfortable and calm like a resort with luxury amenities. Ideally situated and within 20 minutes from the airport Tjilik Riwut suit visitors to the various attractions and business centers. Swiss Belhotel has 150 rooms with a contemporary design combined with the warmth of local culture, adding visitors while resting in a hotel room. Business center, coffee shop, across the room, laundry, fitness center, internet access, 24h security system, doctors and other services that available for the convenience of visitors during their stay in Switzerland Bellhotel Danum Palangkaraya.


Popular Things to do and see in Palangkaraya


Tahai Lake


Tahai Lake is an attraction within 30km from the city center, which is a natural lake formed due to changes in river flow Kahayan. Tahai Lake has  uniqueness that no other lakes outside Kalimantan especially because the water is red because the roots of the trees on peatland. Tahai Lake offers  beautiful panorama and facilities for visitors.


Arboretum Nyaru Menteng


The Nyaru Menteng Arboretum is an attraction that is  breeding orangutans, which are located not far from Tahai Lake. Orangutans are animals that should be preserved and the Indonesian government program that is not extinct. Visitors can see the humour orangutan behaviour. With the right guide, visitors can continue tracking activity in the forests surrounding areas that maintained continuity in captivity. Arboretum Nyaru Menteng opens on Saturday, Sunday or holidays.


WildlifeKumkum Tourism


Kumkum Wildlife Tourism is a tourist attraction within 5km from downtown and locate at the edge of the river Kahayan.  Visitors can enjoy a drink and food at several stalls while enjoying the beautiful scenery and the atmosphere cozy. Live music and activities of the fishermen into a unique landscape in Kumkum Wildlife Tourism. Various animals such as typical Kalimantan, crocodiles, bears, birds tinggang, monkeys and fitch can be seen at this resort.


Tangkiling Hills


Tangkiling hills located 35km from downtown Palangkaraya and is a unique tour that can be traced as keeps the story behind it. Tangkiling hills with a height of approximately 500 meters trustworthy local residents save millions of legends and magical powers.According Palangkaraya travel information, since the first ceremony or ritual performed near the rock tribute serves to ask for the forgiveness of sins, which have been conducted. Locals usually presents offerings and burn incense stung. Based on public confidence Palangkaraya, one cannot pass the stones if you have many sins.


Places to eat in Palangkaraya


Swiss Bellhotel Restaurant


When the book hotels in Switzerland Bellhotel, visitors are offered to enjoy a dining experience at Swiss Bellhotel restaurant with a variety of local and international menu of mouthwatering delicacies. Swiss Bellhotel restaurant laid out for the convenience of visitors while enjoying breakfast to a romantic dinner with dishes from the best chefs.


The sidevillagerestaurant


Kampung side restaurant located not far from downtown which is a must for visitors, whether local or foreign taste dishes available with specialized dishes such as fish. Kampung side restaurant located at the riverside Kahayan, which is designed in the form of lodges that add to the comfort and tranquility of visitors while enjoying breathtaking views.Vegetable dishes rattan to accompany fish dishes are served to be sampled while in Palangkaraya.

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