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Normani Kordei Annouced to Quit from Twitter Due to Racism

Normani Kordei is a very famous actress but now the biggest news is coming up in front of all that is about the Normani Kordei who is from a Fifth Harmony singer group suffering from the Racism and want to take from the social media site Twitter.  Normani Kordei announced on Saturday about would be quit from Twitter because it now the time to bring it and that is because of all began after the trolls targeted Kordei and that is of over her commitment which is to the girl group. In fact, she also has called the racially charged and it is on online abuse “horrific.”

According to the twitter commenting she said the few words like she is not the first black female celebrity who has faced that situation but surely she want to be last. Her one sentence is “Hiding behind a computer and putting people down” and that is for the black skin color of people and that means not very cool actually that is makes you a coward. It’s very heart touching the word of these celebrities because that kind of situation is coming again and again. There were lots of fans of this celebrity who gave the comment with hashtags like “#WeLoveYouNormani” and “#IStandWithNormani”. And because of the racism, she announced to shutting down the vicious twitter and that’s very important now for taking the rest from here. There were the fans has turned on the Fifth Harmony member and that is in the last week where her bandmate Camila Cabello had to alleged snub. That did when asked the say something special and nice something about her fellow the 5H-ers. That all things is that the time where is the live interview on the Facebook.

That whole thing is touched off the flurry and that is as of the tweets attacking Kordei which had to target for her appearance shade. That was the very severe situation and after that, she was forced to clarify     the situation in a long note posted to Twitter. And Normani Kordei said as this is a very shameful thing because we are together since four years in the same group music band and she said to address this foolishness manufactured by those. In fact, that is absolutely not getting what goes on. She said I don’t show anything wrong but many times I find myself as the target of the hate and like as the slander. Why would it doing again and again with me and my kind of people (black)?

She intensified on twitter which is regarding for the Racism and hated by the people of her because she is black and all the black personality. And as a result, Normani Kordei get backed step from the twitter and announce the final decision on Saturday to quit from twitter with additional notes. It is really the very shameful thing for all the people who is the part of the crime as supporting the Racism.

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