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SBI No Queue APP – The Bank will Take the Line Number Without

Are you worried to think about the queue in the bank for any work? So, this time is taking for rest because through a one app you may delete the option of the queue in the bank. Need to take your android mobile and through the app connect with the bank. The No-Queue App is now the ultimate option for all because in this busy schedule no one has the time for waiting in the queue in the bank and each one wants the easy method.

This No-Queue App does the life very easy for all and easy to use this app by mobile phone. When you enter your number through the Bank App then you got the E-Token and there you got the time so according to that given time by the app you should go to the bank and do your work immediate. It’s a simple way which can easily use by everyone. Well, the State Bank of India has launched the app with the name of No-Queue for them customers. In this app, all the important branches of SBI is included and if it will get the success that will apply in all branches of SBI. But after that, it’s a great initiative for all.

Lots of services given by the No-Queue App:

Now in this app, the SBI has been started 18 types of services as Cheque submission, money transaction, and money transfer and kind of its lots of services are provided. This No-Queue app is very important because it is an initiative from the side of SBI bank. There are some different services is also provided for the senior citizens and they will give the priority after queuing the number through the app.

Working Process of No-Queue App:

Just find out the No-Queue App though mobile play store and install it in the mobile. When you will open it you have to found the list of banks branches. You need to choose your bank branch and select the number in it. After that, you have to get the e-token on your mobile and there where the time is given so, on that time you need to go the bank branch and do your work instantly on the counter by the e-token number.

Take the benefit of this No-Queue App:

It’s something new and easy app so the purpose of this No-Queue app is to take the benefits of lots of people. This app is really very beneficial for all and no need to line up in the queue and each and everyone can take the benefits of this app that have the android mobile phone. The purpose of this app is providing the great service to the entire customer. Due to some period of time that app will applicable for all SBI branches. Anyone can take the benefit of this no-queue app and make the easy life with the bank and there are lots of services they provide.

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