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Top 10 movies of all Time

Today’s technology has gone in a vast way and according to it the entertainment gateways also grew up in different-different types like mobile, television, tablets, computers etc. But the very oldest instrument is still live that is television and few movies which never died until the end of the earth. Well, here we have to dedicate our focus on the top most Movies of all the times. So there we will serve the fusion of the movies as Bollywood, Hollywood and old and new. So that spicy combination will push all of you to see those following movies once.

Here we have to collect all the Movies which are always sound good and keep the solid place in human mind. Those all movies having a different concept and different pattern so if you didn’t see that movie so don’t wait just see it once and entertain your mind. Movies watching is very good for the human because that will relax the human mind and give the happy feeling from a tired schedule. So for the entertainments just see your favorite movie in a one week and another way to explore you mind with the new movies.

Just take the collection of new top 10 movies of all time:

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

A Pirates of the Caribbean is the very-very amazing movie of the Hollywood which has done the wonderful image earning from all over the world. In the movie, the important character was played through Captain Jack Sparrow. And the story was wonderful as the venture in the sea has trying to find out the heart of Davy Jones and has repaid for his debts. Pirates of the Caribbean include in the heart wining movie’s list and director Gore Verbinski has really the person who deserved the clapping from the entire world.

  1. The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises had a movie which had released on 2012 opening with the great clapping through each one’s hand. That is a Hollywood’s wonderful creation with the director Christopher Nolan and he has co-written that’s screenplay with his brother whose name is Jonathan Nolan. That’s story based on the British-American Superhero.

  1. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King is a powerful movie of Hollywood having the wonderful concept and script. That was first released on 2006 and it’s directed by the Peter Jackson. In the few words summary, Gandalf and Aragorn have lead the world of the Men and that is against to the Sauron’s army that has to draw his gaze which is from the side of Frodo and Sam. They have approach Mount Doom and that approach for the one ring. That’s story is cool and wonderful.

  1. Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Transformers: Dark of the Moon is a movie which has been noted through each viewer and through each movie lovers. That first came in the movie box-office or movie market in 2011 and takes the huge money collection for a first show. Director Michael Bay and writer Ehren Kruger put his sole in this movie. In the summarized story here the Autobots has learned about the Cybertronian spacecraft which is hidden from the moon and put the race which is against the Decepticons for reach and it’s learning secretly.

  1. Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 is a wonderful movie which represents the ultimate talent of Hollywood. Iron Man 3 was made in 2013 by director Shane Black and start to describe it’s story due to few word’s summary so Tony Stark had played the role of iron man and fight against the enemy and know about the reach of no bound. And when he has found the personal world destroy by another one he starts to find who has responsible for it.

  1. Sholay

Sholay is a one of the top most movie of the Bollywood which can always watch but never bore by it. Sholay was directed by Ramesh Sippy in 1975. That story had about the bandit who has destroyed the family of Thakur and Thakur hs decides to fight fire with the Bandit who’s name is Gabbar. Andbecause of Thakur is handicpet he has to approach the two people jai and veeru for that fight.

  1. Mughal-E-Azam

Mughal-E-Azam is the heart of Indin Bollywood and that movie was amazingly made by director K. Asif. Through that story, the director represented the real love nd soul of love. It’s very speechless movie which had arrived in 1960 and made the different place in human minds and still people want to see the Mughal-E-Azam. That story is showing the love of between the son of an emperor and the beautiful  courtesan.

  1. Mother India

Mother India is proud of Indian Bollywood because in this movie shows the how a poor woman has faced different crises alone and make strong the child. Tht story is based on the Poor women Radha, who has two sons and show how she struggled for her kids. That was bollywood block more bust at the time 1957.

  1. Devdas

Devdas is based on the real love story of the Indian love couple Devdas and Paro and that’s story has surrounding makes the triangle between Devdas, Paro, and Chandramukhi. But in this love story, Devdas’s family not agree with the relationship of Paro and Devdas and Devdas has decided to leave his home. That movie was made in 2002 nd directed by the Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

  1. Lagan

Lagan is very much the great movie of India because here the story based on the real fact of Indian Former when India didn’t get the freedom. Lagan movie was made in 2001 and no one can forget this movie and it’s really a good fusion of Cricket and former talents. Amir Khan had played a good role here and he is the hope for each former when he was played the cricket.

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