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mobile hotspot usage
mobile hotspot usage

How to monitor mobile hotspot usage

Nowadays telecom companies are offering data usage plans on very high rates. You will get few data on very high price. In such conditions you need to be aware of how much data you have used and how much data is still you have in your terrif. If you will not take care of this, then you can run the internet on per second kbps’s rate. It will become quite expansive for you and thus you will face quite problems. By the way if you know how to monitor mobile hotspot usage, then you can prevent yourself from extra expenditure.

Follow given way to know how to check T mobile hotspot usage and how to monitor it:

  • You can do it by simply downloading an application, which will monitor the data usage in your cell phone and it will warn you about how much data you still have in your prepaid account for using free internet.
  • If you are using the android cell phone, and you have 3G network in it, then you can simply download the watchdog. This is an application, which shows you all details related to your data usage. How much data you have used and how data is remaining in your account is shown by watchdog, through its notifications. It is a great solution of preventing yourself from data collapse problem.
  • If you are using the device of iOS operating system like iPad, iPhone, iPod etc, then the watchdog will not support on your iOS device. For you iOS device you will need to download the DataMan application. This is an excellent application, created especially for iOS devices. It acknowledges you about your data usage in every ten minutes. What else you want to prevent yourself from unwanted expanse of money.

So choose the app according to your cell phone and enjoy the hotspot usage monitor service

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