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Model Rihanna
Model Rihanna

Model Rihanna

Slinky and Beautiful Model Rihanna

Model Rihanna well known as the singer, songwriter, fashion designer as well as a model. Model Rihanna looks like Slinky beauty and Model Rihanna is situated inside the top model of the world and also situated inside the top bikini model of the world. Rihanna’s figure is very hot and her lips are also very sexy which trap anyone for intimating with her. Well, Model Rihanna is very famous as a super candid about her sex life. Model Rihanna has gotten married to Chris Brown began in 2008 and Rihana was stopped performance on  51st Annual Grammy Awards, which was canceled due to her boyfriend singer Chris Brown beaten her. The singer Chris Brown was arrested because he suspicion of making criminal threats. That was the very bad manner to beat Model Rihanna. After that incident, Model Rihanna was entered in the relationship with Travis Scott.

Each one knows about the Travis Scott and Model Rihanna hot sex because they are always uncontrolled during intimation together. That’s the hot couple every and Model Rihanna looks very hot and her body is just slinky which made her more attractive ever. Model Rihanna always said about the Travis Scott as an awesome sex partner and she enjoys sex very well with the Travis. The amazing thing is that Chris and Model Rihanna still good friends and they also publicly met with each other. Model Rihanna has held her image as a untamed bad girl in a Hollywood and she believes in a real life fun. Now Model Rihanna has to pare with her sweet love Travis Scott and hooks up together.

Travis Scott and Model Rihanna are smooth with each other and they look always enjoying the sex and love. Travis Scott and Model Rihanna love delivery are also very smooth and heart touching and that’s because Rihanna always said like Travis Scott is the best sex partner for her. They always get advantages on a trip and start sex encounter and expose the how much of love between Travis Scott and Model Rihanna. Model Rihanna always said Tavis is much better in fact very amazing sex partners in the Hollywood and the great couple in the Hollywood. Model Rihanna has a great singer and her love life was also good with Chris Brown but after the incident Rihanna not staying with him. And some year later Rihanna dated with Travis Scott and this love still successful, but lets see how much time they will together.

Model Rihanna said I didn’t feel guilt after doing sex with Scott because I am also a human and want the sex that’s it. She said Travis Scott filled the gap in my life and he is really the great men of my life. Travis Scott always gives the happiness with the love and more caring. Rihanna also said about Scott is a very amazing kisser and he caring and pampering. Travis Scott and Model Rihanna actually looking stunning ever and ever refresh couple always.

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