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Model Mallika Sherawat
Model Mallika Sherawat

Model Mallika Sherawat

Hot Bollywood Beauty Model Mallika Sherawat

Model Mallika Sherawat, A famous hot Bikini model of the world who represent India. Model Mallika Sherawat was struggling in her life for her career and for the better opportunity and she did after many critical situations. Mallika Sherawat also famous model by the name of controversy queen of Bollywood.

Model Mallika Sherawat has the dare bare actress and Model Mallika Sherawat has famous many times for the hot and sexy scene with Imran Hasmy and many actors. Mallika Sherawat well known about her own hot body and she never denies to exposing her body in the movies. Model Mallika Sherawat was famous her hot movie Murder and there she exposes her body in many songs and one more movie is Khwahish. Mallika Sherawat looks beautiful and she everytime exposes her beauty on the TV screen.

In a recent news Model, Mallika Sherawat is seen in the video which is about of upcoming single by Rishi Rich and Pop sensation Amit Dasu a.k.a. Dasu. In this video heart-wrenching tale of love and this video is shoots in most exotic place of Goa and its directed by Nameeta Premkumar and here the treatment of the song is something another level. Model Mallika Sherawat said about this video “It’s amazing how a 70’s classic ‘Dil Kya Kare. So each one can see this video and enjoy the moments with the hottest beauty Mallika. Mallika is really the Mallika of the hot scene and she is a very talented beauty of the Bollywood because she is doing her work with full of force and sparks. Model Mallika Sherawat has the amazing quality of work and she never thinks about the matter as personal and she is doing each scene professionally.

Model Mallika Sherawat has also had the controversy statement with her marriage because she was the first marriage with the Pilot Karan Singh Gill and she got divorced with him. When the media were talking about her ex-husband and her mother in law, so they said about Model Mallika Sherawat, like she always wants to become a rich and famous. Model Mallika Sherawat has the original name is Reena Lamba and before marriage, she was an air hostess. But she always told like she is from a small town and she had struggled a lot. So nobody can understand what is true actually. In fact, Media are always confused many times about the Model Mallika Sherawat.

Well, after all, that kind of the statements Mallika has famed in the whole world and she did many movies which are very famous and she got promoted day to day in Bollywood as well as she also did the Hollywood movies also. Model Mallika Sherawat has the slim body and very beautiful and Mahesh Bhatt was promoted this beauty in the film Murder and from there she famed very highly. And in a one song Model Mallika Sherawat has wore the  bikini and in that shoot she looks very hot and attractive.

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