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Model Beyonce

Intimacy of Model Beyonce and Jay Z

So all are excited to learn about the hot intimacy of Model Beyonce and Jay Z! Model Beyonce and Jay Z’s relationship are along in the Hollywood and they are the very exposing couple. Well, this love story is very amazing and wonderful, so let’s see this story from beginning.

Model Beyonce and Jay Z were first contacted with eyes in 2001 but again meet after one year on the track Bonnie & Clyde. Jay was the 12 year senior of Beyonce. Beyonce said she was 18 when she first was met with Jay-Z and 19 when she start dating with Jay-Z. The exciting thing is Beyonce and Jay-Z was first getting the step as a friend doesn’t start directly dating together. The interesting thing is Model Beyonce and Jay-Z was dating for one year or half year on the phone. Through that kind of the foundation, they got the time to understand each other better. And there they know them honestly with each other.

With the some of the release of Bonnie & Clyde and were not long and in a rumor this couple involved together very romantically and always looks to remain as a tight-lipped about any romance. And after sometimes this couple found as the lover publicly. And they look regular at many basketball matches, fashion shows as well as many functions and events. In 2004, this couple looks at a pair on the red carpet at MTV Video Music Awards.

In 2008 Model Beyonce and Jay-Z was celebrated them private ceremony at home on Tri    beca. In 2009 Model Beyonce and Jay Z was the top earning couple  on the top ranked business magazine Forbes. This couple was the lovers and a savvy business duo. 2010 was the most successful year for Model Beyonce and Jay Z because of hit music, feature films and because of hit music. At on that time Model Beyonce wants a break to her hubby Jay Z. And same time she announced about start popping out little mini Jay or little Beyonce.

At that moment, Model Beyonce was very sanity and said about to want the kid after my life, my relationships, my nephew, my husband, my sister and my friendships and said now the time is for wanting a kid and said want to become a mother. After seven years of her career break, Model Beyonce comes back and that was the excited news for the all.  And after seven years Model Beyonce looks very beautiful on the floor in a red gown. That baby bump broke in the social media and record the tweets per second and that was very amazing news.

At 2014 in a one rumours family feud hit on the headline which is put after the incredible footage emerged showing Jay-Z which was being attacked in a lift by Beyonce’s sister Solange. That footage was leaked which is about the Beyonce’s sister Solange and about Model Beyonce.

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