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Military Colleges in America

Top 10 Military Colleges in America

Every nation’s hope will be their coming generation and it will all depend upon the knowledge our coming youth were carrying. The coming generation will bring changes with new technologies and proper management techniques which been taught them in their learning stage which is possible in Military Colleges in America. Colleges are the turning point in such a pioneering age, selection of colleges will focus on their student grooming and making them a good person. America is one of the most prestigious country having top military colleges for students in America and other countries to learn well-working intelligence style with Military Colleges in America.

There are so many good military colleges in America, for those who want to pursue a great career by following rules and regulations of a military academy. Taking admission in military colleges in America student will follow active duty; build leadership qualities with athletic skills. In America provides rigorous training program which helps student to build as an officer, they provide training to make you officer and researcher. Military institutes  offer 4 years undergraduate degrees which fall into two categories first one is senior military colleges and the second one is federal service academy. In federal academy, student gets training how to become commissioned officer in different branches of the military institution while reserve officer training corps program is offered by senior military colleges. Many military colleges are part of many big universities.

So let you know famed top most Military Colleges in America:

  1. United States Military Academy

It is founded in 1802, one of the oldest military academies situated in America was known as “west point. The academy is a coeducational federal service academy in New York City. For admission, candidate has both options either he/she apply directly to the academy or get a nomination from congress. Students referred as “cadets” who are officers-in-training or USCC which means “United States Corps of Cadets”. Tuition fees of cadets are funded by an army in return of an active duty service upon graduation. Total 1,300 cadets enter in July in these Military Colleges in America, and approx 1000 graduating cadets holding four years broad academic training programs.

  1. The United States Merchant Marine Academy

As the name implies USMMA is a training institute for United State Merchant Marine branch of the military. It is also known as Kings Point for training Midshipmen. Students get training of marine engineer, customs, international laws, navigations, personnel management and many more subjects important for running a large ship. United States merchant marine academy is established in 1943 in New York City, it is five United States service academies.

  1. United States Naval Academy

It is a coeducational federal service academy in Annapolis, Maryland, United States. It is the second oldest fives service academies of the United States established in 1845 by Secretary of the Navy George Bancroft. They educate officer for commissioning primarily into United Stated Marine Corps and the United States Navy. For admission, candidate can apply directly or get a nomination from congress member. Students referred as midshipmen during training and their tuition fee is funded by the organization in return for active duty service.

  1. The United States Coast Guard Academy

USGCA is located in New London, founded in 1876 by United States Coast Guard Academy. It is one of the smallest in five federal service academies. It is a military academy of the United States which provides education to future coast guard officers. Like other academies, USGCA doesn’t require any congress nomination.

  1. The United States Air Force Academy

It is a military academy situated in El Paso County Colorado, United States. It is also known as Air Force Academy or USAFA its mission is to motivate and educate,as well as train and inspire male and female who want to become leaders in United States Air Force; it is one of the youngest five united states service academies.

  1. Texas A&M

It is the fourth largest United States Military College in America and as the part of in college station, Texas. The Texas A&M University is flagship institution with a coeducational public research university of the United States, the school founded on October 4, 1876. The institute rank in top 20 American research institutes and made contributions in animal cloning and petroleum engineering.

  1. Norwich University

It is a private university known as The Military College of Vermont. It is founded in 1819 at Norwich, Vermont, United States. One of the oldest private Military Colleges in America recognized by United States Department of Defense provides education to American literacy, and also the scientific and military academy.

  1. The Military College of South Carolina

It is a state-supported college founded in 1842 in Charleston, South Carolina. It is also known as The Citadel one of the six Senior Military Colleges in America. The university is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

  1. Virginia Military Institute

VMI is a college situated in Lexington, Virginia. a state-supported military college offering strict military disciplines in United State. It offers army, navy, Marine Corps and air force all four U.S military branches, all cadets must take four years of ROTC over 50% of Virginia Military Institute’s graduates are commissioned each year. Cadets’ age will be between 16 to 22 years of age, and have no legal dependents, physical fit and unmarried and this one is also a part of the best Military Colleges in America.

  1. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and state University

It is popularly known as Virginia Tech situated in Blacksburg, Virginia. Virginia Tech provides education facilities in 6 regions, established in 1872 one of the largest Military Colleges in America. They provide undergraduate programs known as University Honors, gain highest college ranking in a college of natural resource and environment programs. Kiplinger’s personal finance place Virginia Polytechnic Institute and also the State University 27th in its 2016 ranking at best value public college in the United States. According to 2013 research program rankings, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University ranked 38th in the nation by National Science Foundation. Virginia Tech is a public, land-grant, research educational university one of the leading research institution fueling economic growth with job creation across Virginia and neighboring cities.


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