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Mewar Festival
Mewar Festival

Mewar Festival

A Very Popular Festival of Udaipur, Mewar Festival

This Mewar Festival is mostly celebrated in Udaipur which is the state of Rajasthan and this Mewar Festival is celebrated on 9 April to 11 April. The most attraction of this Mewar Festival is cultural performances on folk music. Udaipur is one of the most romantic city in the state Rajasthan, celebrates this Mewar Festival to coming to the development of spring according to with the festival of Gangaur recognized all over Rajasthan and has an only one charm about it. This festival is more important for women. During this festival time dresses up in their best clothes and also join in the festival. The main top point of the festival was the procession of vibrantly attired ladies handling the picture of Goddess Gauri to the Gangaur Ghat of lake Pichola.

In the Udaipur, Mewar Festival all the young girls and ladies perform the dance and sings religious songs in front of the Idol of Lord Shiva and Gauri. It is a cultural program, Rajasthani peoples celebrated this festival by our culture and Udaipur peoples celebrated this festival by our respected culture. The Mewar Festival peaks with a majestic fireworks display.

In this Mewar festival, the whole city of Udaipur obtains saturated in colors of festivity and the whole market of Udaipur are looking very beautiful. The local shops and some streets, road are decorated with bright lights. Approximating the Gangaur Festival and The Mewar festival both are equal for the lady folk of Udaipur. The Mewar Festival mostly meant  for lady and this Mewar Festival provides the best time when they costume in their finest clothes and attend celebrations of the dinner.

To manage the ceremony, lady collects to dress the picture of Lord Shiva and Gangaur, Gauri. After costuming of idols, they handle them in a conventional procession moving through various parts of the city. Lastly, in this Mewar Festival, the Procession coming on the Gangaur Ghat at Pichola Lake. When all the Procession is coming on the Gangaur Ghat, then all the women and girls are transported in the boat with Idol and they have immersed the Idols in the deep water of the Gangaur Lake.

The Mewar Festival of Udaipur, as well as Rajasthan, is concluded by performing a dance as well as religious songs and with a glittering function of fireworks. The Mewar Festival splits an emotion of relish and passion all over Rajasthan and ladies or girls enjoy this festival to its full. The Mewar Festival of Udaipur, the light, brightness or color of the festival has attracted tourists from all over to attach its blessing ceremony of tradition.

Once the devotees side of the festival is over, it is time for relative cultural functions where Rajasthan and Udaipur culture is sketched through the songs as well as dance and other functions. The Mewar Festival, Udaipur climax with an impassive firework show. Like other activities of this festival, exhibition and festival are celebrate all over the Rajasthan state, there are a lot of action who gets participants in a joyful support of mind, hopeful to fun every moment of the Mewar Festival celebration.

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