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Mataram indonesia travel guide
Mataram indonesia travel guide

Mataram indonesia travel guide

Mataram indonesia travel guide

Mataram is the capital of Southeastern West Nusa or NTB with an area of 6130 square kilometers inhabited by 362,243 people that still affected indigenous Sasak and Balinese, considering the city of Mataram has been linked to the island of Bali and Lombok in the 18th century. Sasak tribe is the majority ethnic Mataram as well as several other tribes such as, tribal Bali, Tionghoa, Malay and Arabic. Religion Mataram diverse as the population, Confucian, Buddhist, Christian, Catholic, with a majority Muslim population living alongside and uphold harmony to create a more advanced Mataram.


Through the Mataram travel guide, Mataram city development continues to increase along with the increasing tourism industry, both local and foreign tourists who are interested in exploring the city of Mataram. Temperatures in Mataram range 20.4-32.1 Degrees Celsius and in January-October is the best time to visit Mataram. With a professional and reliable guide, visitors can reach many interesting places and special help to communicate with the local population.


When you book hotels in Mataram, visitors will be faced a variety of hotels with amenities that make visitors feel at home for a long stay at a particular hotel. Mataram as a tourism city presents hotels to suit all budgets, ranging from hotels to budget class hotels. When visitors arrive at the hotel, a variety of information sights, culture and customs can be obtained easily. Some hotels offer reliable guides that help visitors to get around the city of Mataram with satisfaction.


According to the travel Mataran information, Mataram is part of West Lombok before the creation of the region and now west Lombok capital has been moved to the Giri Menang Gerung. Community Mataram Sasak language as the language of daily conversation than Indonesian, Balinese language, the Samawa language and Bima language. Interestingly, Sasak language comprises several dialects that are used as a reference for one’s level of social differences in society.


Places to stay in Mataram


Grand Legi Hotel


Grand Legi Hotel offers three types of rooms to the number of 114 rooms that are designed with high comfort that visitors enjoy the best feel of Mataram. Various facilities are available for visitors such as satisfaction, a poolside bar, coffee shop, bar, restaurant, swimming pool, salon, spa, sauna and more.All rooms Grand Legi Hotel is equipped with the best facilities that provide convenience to visitors such as, non smoking rooms, air conditioning, coffee or tea maker and more. The hotel offered to help visitors get transportation for exploring Mataram.


Aerotel Tastura Hotel


Aerotel Tastura offer temporary shelter in Mataram for visitors close to nature, breathtaking ocean views and comfort as home. Internet access, bicycle rental, park, smoking room that available for the visitors during their stay. Aerotel Tastura in Mataram city center with easy access to anywhere. Aerotel Flora provides 25 rooms with 3 types of rooms to suit your needs.


Giri Hotel


Giri hotel offers high comfort to visitors during the visit in Mataram with spacious and well-equipped amenities. Visitors will be welcomed by the hotel concierge and escorted to a hotel room that has been  prepared to provide comfort. The coffee shop and restaurant that available for visitors who want to enjoy a delicious meal or enjoy a cup of coffee while relaxing. Minibar, LCD TV, wireless internet available in every room Giri hotel for visitor satisfaction. Giri hotel prepared with high comfort, clean, with the best service which is dedicated only to the visitors.


Santika Hotel


Santika Hotel located on the street Pejanggik by the number of 123 rooms and 3 types of rooms are prepared with high comfort and international standards. Visitors can use the services available, ranging from 24 hours room service, restaurant, meeting facilities, fitness center, swimming pool up to the car park area. Santika Hotel is located in a strategic location with great service and good fun for visitor satisfaction.




Popular things to do and see in Mataram


Mayura Park


Mayura Park is a tourist attraction was built in 1744 by King of Lombok, Anak Agung Ngurah Karang Asem who has a pool in the middle and a Bale Flowers in the middle. Historically, this building was used to decide the case law or important meetings. Mayura Park is building the architecture is heavily influenced by Hindu and Muslim cultures.




Museum NTB has adopted the building design of the distinctive building located on the road sasak Flag Tilar Ampenan. Visitors can see the collection of historical artifacts, including the 1239 manuscript or ancient text that contains the history of the civilization of ancient Mataram written using the ancient language on palm leaves, bark Kayo and bamboo slats. Clothing typical Sasak and custom home NTB can also be seen in the Museum NTB.


Pura Lingsar


Lingsar not only the home of the Hindu worship but could be used for the worship of other religions. Lingsar was built in 1759 by Anak Agung Ngurah and have a fish with a length of 1 meter, which is considered a symbol of good luck for people. Visitors can order tuna fishing out by tossing boiled eggs to see tuna luck.


Pura Batu Bolong


Pura Batu holes located 8km from the city of Mataram which is a rock that juts into the sea with a temple above the reef. Visitors can see the stunning sunset views and outstanding, as well as see the big mountain landscape on a sunny day.Visitors are required to use the yellow ribbon of cloth wrapped around the waist fitted to enter Pura Batu Bolong area. Perforated stone temple for visitors who want to enjoy the incredible scenery.


Places to eat in Mataram


TwoEM Brothers Restaurant


Two-EM Brothers Restaurant is located on the Transmigration of food must not be missed when visiting tourist Mataram such as, chicken Taliwang. A sharp spicy taste with a combination of spices in every bite makes this dish a favorite food all visitors while in Mataram. Mataram not only offers spectacular views and fascinating history to be traced, but it provides a delicious typical food and tempts your appetite.


Menega Stalls


Menega stalls offering delicious seafood dishes, which became a favorite of tourists, both local and foreign tourists. Menega seafood stalls provide fresh and affordable. With the right guide, visitors can reach menega stalls and enjoy the best seafood and quality. Menega stalls has been popular with tourists and has been recommended as the best seafood stalls.


The Berugaq Coffee House & Gallery


The Berugaq Coffee House & Gallery provides copies of quality materials and the best that can be enjoyed by coffee lovers while enjoying Berugaq international style architecture. The Berugaq provides snacks and beverages at affordable prices. The Berugaq become favorite local and foreign tourists to spend time enjoying a cup of coffee and the best chocolate cake in Mataram.  

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