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Malang indonesia travel guide
Malang indonesia travel guide

Malang indonesia travel guide

Malang indonesia travel guide

Malang is located on a plateau so that the air is pretty cool, which is 90km from Surabaya with an area 110 kilometers square, home to 820,243 million. Malang city is known as that student city has many rivers flowing making it suitable for residential areas. Malang city is the majority religion of Islam followed by some other religions such as Protestant, Catholic, Hindu, Buddhist, and Confucian religion with many historic buildings dating from the Dutch colonial era. Ethnic and cultural wealth possessed influence of traditional arts.


Through the Malang travel guide, visitors can find out all the progress the city of Malang from year to year, which is constantly increasing. Visitors will be taken to see the various arts such as the city of Malang, Ludruk, ketoprak, the Puppet, Wayang kulit, Reog, and Kuda lumping diverse art evolve with the changing times. With the proper guide, visitors will see a variety of unique and stunning beauty of the city of Malang.


When you book hotels in Malang, visitors will see the beauty and characteristics of Javanese culture that has been ingrained and become the pride of the city of Malang. The warmth and friendliness of the hotel staff throughout the city of Malang characterize local residents are open to everyone who wants to explore every corner of the city. The origin of the name of the city of Malang is still a matter of investigation historians. Malang city development since the days of the kingdom until today, has an interesting story always be traced.


According to the travel information Malang, Malang lies at an altitude of 429-667 meters above sea level. Malang city climate ranges from 22.2 – 24.5 degrees Celsius, making it convenient to visit all year round. Through Malang travel information, visitors can find out exactly sights and fascinating history behind the city of Malang beautiful and comfortable.


Places to stay in Malang


Royal Orchids Garden Hotel & Condominiums


Royal Orchids Garden Hotel & Condominiums is located in the street Indragiri, located 15km from the city center that offers a quiet, comfortable and clean air for that garden surrounded by green and pollution-free. Orchids royal garden hotel and condominiums offer 132 rooms with 3 types of rooms, has complete facilities such as TV, coffee or tea maker, patio and more. Swimming pool, tennis courts, massage, salon, restaurant, 24-hour room service, a spa and more are available for visitors during visiting Malang.


Padi City Resort


Padi City Resort is located 2.3 kilometers from the city center by the number of 18 rooms that offer comfort and tranquility to rest during a visit to Malang. Expanse of green fields and natural landscape unfolds to the visitors that want to enjoy the tranquility and away from the crowds. Rice City resort designed with traditional architecture and equipped with the best facilities for the convenience of visitors. Visitors can get fresh air from morning until night, and enjoy a romantic dinner with a rural atmosphere.


Kartika Wijaya Batu Heritage Hotel


This hotel not only built and designed in the vast lands by providing 115 rooms and a choice of 3 types of rooms. Conveniently located 45 minutes from the airport, allow visitors to find kartika wijaya batu heritage hotel, but the hotel is not only a comfortable residential home with amenities like classy. Children’s play facilities, a swimming pool, tennis court can be used for visitors and family.




Ubud Hotel & Villas


Ubud hotels and villas located in the street western-gura Bedungan Sigura that offers the feel and atmosphere of different from other hotels. Balinese architecture combined with a building design of Java makes this rich culture. Ubud Hotels & Villas features a relaxing river views and comfortable with full facilities to satisfy the visitors. Friendliness and quick response to the needs of the visitor are given a special service for customer satisfaction.


Popular Things to do and see in Malang


Gunung Bromo


It is a favorite place for local and foreign tourists, which is a mountain with an altitude of 2392 meters above sea level surrounded by a sea of ​​sand. With the right guide, visitors can see an incredible sunrise and perfect.Bromo is derived from the word Brahma who is the main deity of Hinduism. For tribal Tengger, which is a local resident Bromo, Mount Bromo is a holy mountain and Kasada Yadnya ceremony held one a year.


Cobaan Pelangi


Located not far from Mount Bromo, an exquisite waterfall with spectacular vistas. During the day and sunny weather, visitors can see a rainbow that appeared on the side of the waterfall. Obviously, this is an opportunity not to be missed when visiting Malang visitors.


Sempu Island


Sempu Island is located in the village pond that is Rejo nature conservation area, which has a salt water lake called segara anakan with amazing scenery and views. No wonder if segara anakan called a hidden paradise in Malang.


Batu Night Spectacular


Tourism night in Batu is an option for visitors who want to do activities or simply enjoying the evening cool air stone city using becak as traditional transportation in Indonesia. Ensure that the stone could be a spectacular night of choice for families because it has half the children’s games.


Balekambang Beach


Balekambang beach offering spectacular vistas and different from other beaches in the southern part of Malang. Beach Balekambang reminds visitors of the beauty of the land lot in Bali. This beach is a prime tourist city of Malang for photographers and surfers.


Places to eat in Malang




Located on the Lawang Sewu street offers delicious cuisine and tempting. Indie garden restaurant offers not only the best dishes but also provides a reassuring view of the river and soothing. Fried oxtail soup, rice, grilled ribs, duck fried rice dry a resto Indie garden mainstay dish that need to be sampled visitors can obtain information through Malang detailed travel information.



Ocean Garden Seafood & JavaneseOcean Garden Seafood & Javanese


Conveniently located near the new city, precisely at Soekarno Hatta Highway travelers can be an option to enjoy a dish of seafood was fresh and delicious. Tables and seating Lesbian gives visitors the freedom to relax while enjoying seafood are served.

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