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How to make veg pizza at home?

If you are hungry and want to get some healthy and quickly, prefer the veg pizza. It is full of vegetables and other healthy ingredients, which stops your hunger with delicious test. You can have it in fast food stores, but in this summer it will be quite frustrating to go out in sun. So what to do, while you are hungry in noon? Just go in kitchen and prepare your vegetable pizza quickly. If you don’t know the recipe of making it, so don’t be worry because here we will teach you how to make veg pizza at home.

Ingredients required for preparing a veg pizza:

  • A desired sized pizza base.
  • One teaspoon red chili paste.
  • Four teaspoon pizza sauce.
  • Once pack torn cheese.
  • An onion slice.
  • A pieced capsicum cut.
  • Two tomato slices.
  • Four teaspoon bell paper cuts.
  • Four chopped green chilies.

These all ingredients are not quite hard to find in your kitchen. These all are needed to bring the delicious test in the vegetable pizza. If one of them is missing, don’t be worry you can proceed without it. I’m sure this recipe will be quite easy for you.

Process of making vegetable pizza:

  • Take whole vegetables and spread some salt over them. Don’t spread over the red bell pepper and green chili.
  • Get whole vegetables and insert them into a preheated oven at temperature of 230°C for minimum five minutes.
  • Now the time is to take the pizza base and spreading the red chili paste over it. Make sure that the whole pizza base is covered with the red chili paste.
  • Now you need to spread the torn cheese over the red chili paste carefully. Keep the pizza base over a clean base, so that your pizza will be hygienic.
  • Now take whole vegetables and spread them over the prepared pizza base carefully.
  • In the end once more spread torn cheese over the vegetables in gentle amount.
  • Now insert the prepared pizza into the oven at least for 5 minutes.
  • Now take it out and make its four equal pieces and again insert into the oven for three minutes.
  • Now take it out and serve it.

Thus your vegetable pizza is ready. I think hardly it will take 15 minutes in preparing the vegetable pizza and you can enjoy it at the home.


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