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How to make tomato sauce at home and how many time it will take to prepare it?

We often go out in fast food restaurants and order some food; they always provide us the sauce to eat with. Most often the sauce is tomato sauce because it is easy to make and keep for the long time. Even many companies provide tomato sauce in different flavors. Have you ever tried to make it at home? Suppose you want to have sauce with your meal, but you don’t want to go to the shop, then what will you do? It is simple prepare your tomato sauce at home. We will help you in knowing that how to make tomato sauce at home. So let’s explore the recipe of making tomato sauce at home.

Ingredients required for making the tomato sauce at home are:

  • Five garlic cloves.
  • Large bunch fresh basil.
  • Four tablespoon extra virgin olive oil.
  • Two tablespoon tomato puree.
  • One n half kg plum tomatoes.
  • One tablespoon sugar.
  • Salt according to your taste and black pepper.

As you can read in the ingredients list, that whole ingredients are easy to find in kitchen. In case anything is missing, then bring it from local store.

Process of preparing the tomato sauce at home:

  • If you want to make the tasty tomato sauce at home, then firstly you will need to carefully piece the basil stalks.
  • Take a big frying pan and then insert oil in it and heat it.
  • Now insert the garlic along with the pieced basil stalks.
  • Now singe the solution for a minute.
  • Now you have to pour tomato puree in it.
  • Now lean in the pieced tomatoes along with sugar and then flavor it by genital quantity of salt and pepper.
  • Now boil the solution till you can observe that sauce is well-off and chunky.
  • Mix the basil leaves when you are thinking that sauce is cooked.
  • Now pour it out into the jar or any other pan.

You can store the sauce for a long time in a capped jar. You can serve many dishes with this sauce. For sure you will make it testy and delicious enough to eat everything with it. This method taken only half hour to prepare the sauce and you can also enjoy the hot tomato sauce.


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