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How to make tomato rice at home?

Tomato rice- a unique and very delicious dish of south India is becoming very famous in the world. This is a fine recipe to cook at home, whenever you want. This dish takes only few minutes in cooking and it offers the full satisfaction for our mind. People from south India offers this dish also in restaurants and their charges are also quite affordable. By the way this dish is less famous in western countries. By the way if you want to enjoy this delicious dish in your home, then you must know that how to make tomato rice at home. Here we are providing you a great and quick recipe through which you can easily prepare the tomato rice at home.

Ingredients needed for preparing the tomato rice:

To prepare the spices-

  • Two dried red chilies.
  • One teaspoon coriander seeds.
  • One n half teaspoon split chana dal.
  • Urad dal in same quantity.
  • Asafetida in little amount.

Ingredients for the recipe are-

  • Two cups of cooked rice.
  • One tbsp oil.
  • Half tsp mustard seeds.
  • Half cup chopped onion.
  • Five to six curry leaves.
  • Two finely chopped green chilies.
  • Tomato puree.
  • Salt according to taste.

Process of making Tomato rice:

  • First take a flat pan over the gas and then insert whole spices material in it.
  • Now heat it until whole ingredients get tough.
  • As the ingredients will get tough, take them out in a bowl and make their powder by grinding these items in a food processor and put aside.
  • Now take another large pan on the gas and start heating it.
  • Insert the mentioned amount of oil.
  • Now insert green chili, chopped onion slices and curry leaves into the oil and stir them.
  • Keep stirring until the onion will not get the light pink color.
  • Now insert the tomato puree in it and start stirring.
  • Also enter the spices, we have prepared in the starting of the recipe.
  • Now fry carefully and wait until solution get dark red color.
  • After that insert the cooked rice in it and stir the mix.
  • Carefully stir the mix and leave it for ten minutes.
  • Now stop heating the pan and remove prepared dish out in a plate and serve it.

Thus you can easily make the tomato rice at home, in just 15 minutes.

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