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How to make strong bubble solution
How to make strong bubble solution

How to make strong bubble solution

How to make strong bubble solution

Bubble solution is not so difficult to prepare, you just need to know the right way of preparing them. You have often seen little kids, playing with bubbles, but have you ever recognized that their bubbles remain only for few seconds. It happens because their bubble solution is no too strong to maintain the bubbles for a long time. if you want to make longer and bigger bubbles, then you will need the stronger bubble solution for it. Here we are going to teach you how to make strong bubble solution at home. This will be really very easy for you.

Follow the given process to prepare it:

  • First of all you will need three cup water to make this solution.
  • Take one cup amount of liquid dishwashing powder.
  • Now last thing is half cup amount of white corn syrup to prepare balloons.

Process of making stronger bubble solution:

  • First of all take a big pan, and pour water of suggested amount in it.
  • After pouring water, now you have to mix the one cup liquid dishwashing powered in it.
  • Now mix the both liquids carefully and let them mixed completely.
  • As the both liquid are mixed, you have to insert the suggested amount of white corn syrup in it.
  • Now again mix the whole solution carefully and thus a stronger solution for bubbles will ready.

This is the simplest way of making stronger and long running bubbles. Many people try it and they enjoy the creation of long bubbles. By applying this technique you can also create big bubbles and allow your kids to try it. it is safe and best way of making big bubbles at home. Once the solution of strong bubbles will be ready, ask your friends too to take part in this funny activity.

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