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How to make PowerPoint presentation loop? Explain in detail

People make presentation for their schools, offices and also for general purpose, but it seems quite irritating to change the slides continuously topic by topic. By the way if you have idea that how to make PowerPoint presentation loop, so you can be free of changing slides every time. It will give you time to explain your points without getting worried about the next appearance of slides.

  • Follow given method to make PowerPoint presentation loop:

When you have finished your presentation you ought to add some timing to the slides with the goal that they will be obvious for the right measure of time before the following slide. For some slides something like 10 seconds could be fitting. From the Slide Show menu pick Rehearse Timings. You will now see the presentation with a little clock going in the more level right corner of each one slide. The point when the time for the slide to be shown appears to be correct, basically click and go to the following slide. Rehash this for each one slide in the presentation. At the end, affirm that this is the right timing.

  • Make it according to your convenience:

To set up the presentation as a persistent circle, go to Slide Show menu and select Set up Show. Right away check the container for the presentation to circle ceaselessly. Verify you likewise select the catch to Use timings, if present. Click “alright” and save your presentation (utilize an alternate name in the event that you need to spare your non-circled rendition). Test it to verify it works the way you expected. The looping is very powerful tool offered by MS PowePoint. It is useful, when you are busy in explaining things and you don’t want to turn back for changing the slides.

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