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How to make pizza without yeast

Pizza is known as the most delicious food to have in breakfast and also in parties. Many people eat this fast-food to reduce their hunger. It offers quick relief from it with a memorable taste. As many people love to make pizza in their home too, probably they know that how important yeast is to make pizza dough. Some of them may also think that pizza dough can’t be created without using yeast, so don’t go in wrong way. There is a method by which you will know that how to make pizza without yeast. It will offer you the same taste with same flavor. Follow the given recipe of preparing pizza.

Required ingredients for making pizza without yeast are:

  • ¼ kg amount of self-rising flour.
  • Half tsp salt.
  • Half cup butter.
  • One cup milk.
  • Topping you want to use in your pizza.

These all ingredients are normally available in every home’s kitchen. If you don’t know that what self-rising flour is, then take some flour, baking soda and salt. Mix all these three together and the self rising flour is ready.

Process of making Pizza without yeast:

  • Switch on your kitchen’s oven and heat it at 200 °C.
  •  Strain salt along with the flour in a pan.
  • Now mix the half cup butter in it and knead it until it gets soft.
  • Include the milk to make the perfect dough of the pizza.
  • Knead finely so that it can be used for making the pizza base.
  • Once you have prepared the dough, now take it out on a hard base or in a large pane and create the circle like pizza base from the dough.
  • Spread some pizza sauce over it.
  • Use whole prepared topping on it and then put it in the oven for at least 15 minutes.
  • As it will get golden brown color, take it out and cut it in four equal pieces.
  • Again put it in oven and after five minutes take it out.
  • Serve it to check the delicious taste.

By this way you can easily prepare the pizza without using yeast. This method is quite easy to learn, so don’t be worry for the yeast. Prepare pizza in home whenever you want.

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