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How to make pizza without oven on Tava?

Pizza is a unique food, which is eaten in whole countries. There are many fast food agencies, which provide the pizzas in different flavors. They all have different ways of preparing it, but one thing is common in all of them, they all use oven to prepare the pizza. By the way you will be amazed by knowing that pizza can also be prepared without using oven. Again amazed? Don’t be that because the recipe we will show you, will teach you that how to make pizza without oven. It is not so tough if you will follow the whole recipe in same way as it is written.

Ingredients needed to prepare dough are:

  • Two cup quantity of fine flour, which is also called Maida.
  • Two tablespoon olive oil.
  • Half teaspoon salt.
  • One teaspoon sugar.
  • One teaspoon fresh yeast.

Ingredients needed to prepare pizza toping are:

  • One capsicum.
  • Three small corns.
  • Half cup pizza sauce.
  • Half cup Mozzarella cheese.
  • Half teaspoon Italian mix herbs.

You have to collect all of these ingredients to prepare the pizza without oven. For sure these ingredients are not quite hard to find out in your home. If something is missing among above mentioned ingredients, then take it from the shop because the real delicious taste will come with help of all these ingredients.

Process of making pizza:

  • Take the mentioned amount of Maida into a pane and include the fresh yeast in it.
  • Now include the olive oil along with salt and sugar. As you have included the whole ingredients into the Maida, start kneading the mix.
  • For kneading the Maida you can use tepefaction water. Mix the whole mix at least for ten minutes and make it soft by kneading it.
  • Now take a pan and gently oil with to shift the prepared dough. As you will shift the dough, now leave it for two hours.
  • Thus the dough will be fermented and your half process of making pizza without oven is completed here.
  • Now take capsicums and cut it in small slices.
  • Piece the baby corn in small pieces and cook them at least five minutes.
  • Now take half of prepared dough and convert it into the fine shaped chapatti.
  • Now shift the prepared chapatti shaped pizza base over the Tava or pan and heat it.
  • As the base is looking prepared, spread pizza sauce over it.
  • Now put the prepared vegetables over it with some cheese and leave it for heating.
  • After five minutes take your pizza out and serve it to your friends.

Thus you can prepare pizza without using oven, so try this recipe now.

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