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How to make pizza quickly at home?

Many individuals around the world love to have pizza, when they go out in restaurants and many of them order it to have at home. If you don’t believe in waiting for delivery of pizza or you won’t like to go out in this summer, then best way is to prepare pizza at the home. Here we will assist you in knowing how to make pizza at home. So follow the given procedure to prepare pizza quickly.

Ingredients needed for making pizza in size of 1 to 12 inches:

To prepare the pizza you will need several things which are mentioned bellow:

  • One tsp white sugar.
  • One cup warm water.
  • Two n half cup bread meal.
  • Two tsp olive oil.
  • One tsp salt.

Arrange above mentioned whole ingredients in your kitchen and then get ready to prepare pizza.

The way of making it:

Making a pizza in home is quite easy by this method, follow the given directions and prepare everything step by step to make a testy pizza.

  • Start the oven in your kitchen and heat it till the 230 °C.
  • Get warm water into a pan or bowl and melt the yeast in it along with sugar. Now wait until it gets soft at least for 15 minutes.
  • Now you have to mix the bread meal in salt and oil and then you have to shuffle it until it looks creamy.
  • Turn the dough over the soft floured plane and then revolve it in form of a round.
  • Now the time is to shift the crust over the Pizza container.
  • Extend the crust in desired shape of pizza and then shift it into the oven for at least 20 minutes.
  • As your pizza will get the golden brown color, pick it out and serve it to your friends.

Thus you can easily prepare the pizza at home and enjoy its test with your family.

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