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kids soap
kids soap

How to make homemade soap for kids

How to make homemade soap for kids

The skin of kids is quite soft and you should not use any hard chemical on it. if you want to keep them safe and secure from all kind of threatening elements, then you should look for a way, which is safe and secure, instead of looking for products of big brands. We are talking about soaps. Do you know how to make homemade soap for kids at home? Have you ever tried to prepare it? If no, then given homemade soap recipe will direct you for preparing the best soap for the little person of your family. Follow given method.

What you will need to in this method?

You will need:

  • The mold or soap shaping block.
  • Colors if you want to give your kid’s soap attractive look.
  • You can add fragrance by adding some amount of scents in it.
  • A silicone pattern to give perfect shape to the soap.
  • Knife and heating source.


First of all remember that which things are the most necessary to have in this process. You should pick some good quality blocks for small soaps. Along with that try to purchase some plastic molds from the market. It can be easily available in your town’s market. Now know how to make it:

  • With the help of knife cut whole soap blocks into small pieces.
  • Now take the pieces into a pan and put the pan over heat or into the electric oven.
  • Now let the soap blocks be melted.
  • If you want to make it colorful, then add some color into it and also you can add scent in it.
  • Now mix whole solution in good way and pour it into another clean jar.
  • Wait for its cooling and then pour the solution into molds of soap and cover the mold to prevent it from dust.
  • As the soaps will be hard, take them out and ask your kid, which he want for taking batch.

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